Supremacy or Inferiority?

February 22, 2012
By ShadowOfDarkness PLATINUM, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
ShadowOfDarkness PLATINUM, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Coute que coute(Cost What It May)

The world is in a constant state of peril and conflict. The turmoil that the world put itself through is almost sad, yet deserving in a way. Racism still lingers. Supremacy still has its hold and maybe even a better footing than in the past. Although when you think of a person being supreme you think of a white man. But in today’s world that is not the case and that is also the cause of our most abundant conflict and its name is Neo-Nazism.

What is Neo-Nazism? Neo-Nazism is a post-war party that is attempting to reintroduce the world to Nazism. Anything dealing with racism and white supremacy, also hate crimes, they feel that they can work with it and spread the idea of it (Tharoor Online). Really, I think that they are being successful to a certain point because everyday people join their ranks of hatred and racism and white supremacy and the other entire BS and biased, propaganda that they want to spread. It’s like this anything good we want to spread like wildfire but neo-nazistic ideals IS wildfire. Spreads as fast as we would like but is way destructive to all forms of life. In all aspects of the world. "Welcome to the harsh new world of young-adult hate. The Independence Day incidents illustrate some major shifts in the ways American kids are learning to hate--and how they act it out…incidents perpetrated by youngsters, who became more frequent from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, "plummeted" during the Clinton years. But since 9/11 the number of hate crimes by kids has risen sharply--and they appear to be more brutal than ever. 'What we're seeing is a more militant, street-fighter culture.'" (Moser Online) Pertaining to this spike in interest of white supremacy and power and the recruitment of young children as young as 7 years old is just wrong. In a way they are making themselves, the minority, and a majority and attempting to revert to the olden days in which if your skin color was not white or even close you had no say in the society.

The effects of Neo-Nazism are clear in many parts of the United States. Even more clearly when white kids lack a long-term perspective on racial oppression in the US--and end up saying, for instance, that "Racism ended in the 1960s" and they're tired of hearing blacks "complaining about it." They also see Hispanics, lesbians, and gay men, Asian-Americans and others embraced and recognized--while straight white culture seems, from their limited vantage points, to be dissed and demonized. (Moser Online) I believe that it is wrong to hate other races just because they are technically replacing you but it is also wrong that America is allowing this replacement to happen. We made the whites treat blacks equally, so why not make everyone else treat the whites equally? "President Barrack Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard agreed on the presence of U.S. troops on Australian soil for the first time...Obama denied the move is a response to the growing challenge of China's expanding navy, Obama reported that this precaution is a result of violent Neo-Nazi activity in Australia."
"WHERE ACTIVE DUTY U.S. TROOPS ARE DEPLOYED" NORTH AFRICA, WESTERN HEMISPHERE AND ELSWHERE-1%, EUROPE-5.7%, EAST ASIA-7%, U.S. TERRITORIES-86.4% (Tharoor Online) I think that even though Nazism began in Germany, America's constitution harbors a safe house for Neo-Nazistic ideals and treacherous behaviors. In Germany they would be prosecuted. In America, nothing. They are free to do as they civically please. Hate speech is only frowned upon over here. It’s not illegal.

Although most of the problems where Neo-Nazism attacks are on American soil, those who cannot protest America on American soil are protesting in other countries. “President Barrack Obama besieged by an opposition with all the characteristics of neo-Nazis. With Bush they felt represented, battling Muslims who had been declared the new enemies--added, of course, to the old ones: Blacks, Latinos, Jews, socialists, and homosexuals." (Kern Online) I believe that although they felt represented with George W. Bush, President Barrack Obama chose to let the war continue, hoping that it would ease Neo-Nazistic rebellions and to, of course, stop terrorism. "Racism in the United States surfaced with the colonization of its territory. Its victims were not Native Americans, but Blacks who were purchased or kidnapped in Africa and taken to the American continent as slaves. The US group most equivalent to what now amounts to Neo-Nazism is the Klu-Klux-Klan.” (Kern Online) In other words, the KKK does their best to keep their beliefs separate from Neo-Nazism, yet they were the start of Neo-Nazism in America. Though they deny any affiliation with them.

In Conclusion, The actions of Neo-Nazistic ideals affect us all and those of white race whom feel inferior to immigrants. The temptation to return America to how it once was is too great. Even the Tea Partieists use some Neo-Nazistic ideals. This affects me in so many ways. I personally, am a Socialist; Neo-Nazis are known as Nationalist Socialists. Their logic appeals to me, because what they want for this country is super close to what socialists want. They are just more violent. In other words, Neo-Nazism is spreading farther and faster than ever before and is being changed to accommodate more than just a select type of people. Its like human stupidity, you keep getting rid of it yet it mutates and invades even more stupidly than before.

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on Mar. 7 2012 at 2:41 pm
ShadowOfDarkness PLATINUM, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
20 articles 0 photos 40 comments

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Coute que coute(Cost What It May)

Thank you for your input. I will take that into consideration. I do believe that Socialism itself is a bigger and more mature brother of Democracy. Obviously though, the people of the world are at most immature, Some are mature and they are named Socialists. I am honored that you have even decided to comment. Thank you.

on Mar. 6 2012 at 11:03 am
bookthief PLATINUM, Concord, Massachusetts
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"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser." -- John W. Gardener

As a socialist myself, I completely disagree with your assessment of the NeoNazis' goals.  Neo-Nazis generally do not believe in a government-regulated market or the social equality reforms that today's socialists believe in. Mostly they keep the "hating on others" part of the Nazi agenda and leave both the socialist "government in control" and the Nazi "government in total undeniable super-strict control" alone, since today's Neo-Nazis tend to be more right wing. Also, you referred many times to "the white race" in opposition to "immigrants."  White people are just as much immigrants to this country as people of any other race are -- except, of course, for the non-white, Neo-Nazi hated Native Americans who lived here in the first place.


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