Rights To Privacy

February 27, 2012
America is supposedly the “land of the free, and home of the brave.” What happens when the land of the free, isn’t so free anymore? The government is swiping out freedoms right from under our feet, and we are oblivious to it. All humans deserve the right to privacy, we cannot let our country suffer like this!

The recently introduced SOPA bill, Stop All Piracy Acts, is one of the many ways of the government constraining our nation. Trying to censor the music we listen to, and everything we do on the Internet. PIPA, the older bill that did not pass, was the first attempt at censorship.(Pipa) Citizens around the world are protesting by not giving their money to the media, such as buying movie tickets. If the Internet goes down, the economy is going with it.

If you’re not concerned yet, how about being constantly watched and recorded? Yes, “Big Brother”, is watching. The new street light currently in testing, is equipped with surveillance cameras, government broadcasting, and it is interactive. For example, if you litter, the street light will bark at you. (Big) There are no private conversations, the government is always watching.

Even with all of these crackdowns, you would expect to have your body to your self, right? Think again, the government wants to see you naked. (Hedgecock) If you have been to the airport lately, the “backscatter” scanners have been installed in 19 airports. These scanners you walk through, capture pictures of you naked. These pictures are so revealing, they could not be shown on Fox News.

With that, government agents can attach GPS trackers to your cars with out you even knowing about it. Obama can listen to anything you say, and hold it against you as well. Kind of like Hitler, huh? Anything you say, can and will be held against you. There are many more examples I could give of our freedoms being taken.

Do you feel safe in this country anymore, do you feel free? I believe that the government should not have as much power and control over us! Is trying to censor us, really letting us be free? Right now, with what they are trying to do to America, what makes us so different from a communist country? The government is invading our privacy and we need to end it!

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