American Puppet Show

February 22, 2012
We sit here talking about what the Illumunati has done but then we put them in office and on our Ipod's. Prey for the uneducated humans that are worshiping politicians as if they're going to give them a job and put food on the table. America tells the government they don't want the death penalty, then we're like where does all this tax money go? You're paying to keep murderers alive, understand the concept before you vote. Our democracy has become ignocracy. Braxton what do you mean by that? American politicians know the average person is ignorant and is going to go with the tie guy with the best promises. America is like a puppet the Americans are the characters and Uncle Sam is behind the curtain pulling the strings. China and Russia is in the audience laughing, yeah this play is a comedy. With all the money we are getting from people watching you'd think it boost our economy. Forget that lets blame all our problems on that black guy in office, because when something doesn't go right we blame it on who's in charge. Is he in charge? No here's the question who put him in charge? But he promised this and that ; he's done this and that actually then something else went wrong and he's handling that. Be patient because when someone of color is in charge people do whatever they can to make him look worse than he really is.

Cough cough Republicans, scratch that most Republicans. Sorry for my stereotype but think about it, What is the United States?

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KelliB said...
Mar. 8, 2012 at 11:46 am
I think this is totally true. We sit back and complain but in the end we elected for all of this. True, we did elect believing that he would do as he said(which of course doesnt  always happen) and we cant control what he has done after gaining office, but we still chose this and him. The demoralization of the country though, to me, is the thing to blame. Not the colored man in the big shot seat. He is just another rock in the bucket of problems but hes not a boulder. Great writing, i reall... (more »)
BraxtonLangstonChapman replied...
Mar. 8, 2012 at 3:46 pm
Thank you, I will do the same...
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