Third World Tea Party

February 20, 2012
By Matheus Gomes BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
Matheus Gomes BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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We live in a world of merchants and businessmen; where global trade is a crucial factor in human survival. This is why our current policies and practices in global trade need to be changed. First world governments are making behemothic profits by bleeding developing nations of their resources and leaving them with little to no profit.

Every day we see charities and organizations asking for donations to “help end world hunger,” and hundreds of other phrases luring you in to relegate the money in your wallet to a charity fund, helping someone, somewhere over seas. We spend billions of dollars every year, to help maintain developing countries. There’s a way for developing countries to maintain themselves, without our help. By lowering or eliminating tariffs on international trade we can get them past the developing phase and allow them to use their own resources to make a profit and ultimately build their economy to where it needs to be. Why don’t we do this? Cause as a world super-power, we guilelessly take advantage of the poor for a capitalistic profit. As Jeremy Hobbs from Oxfam say’s, trade robs poor people of a proper living and keeps them trapped in poverty. In order to break the global poverty barrier, we must let the poor trade their resources freely-without tariffs or limitations.

Not only are we preventing the poor from making a profit, but we are pushing them deeper into poverty. Jeremy Hobbs, editor of say’s that now, more than ever, poor countries need a fair trade deal. Rising food and fuel prices are hitting the poorest hardest and undoing progress on poverty reduction. The tariffs paid by developing countries on international trade are too high for the countries or individuals to make a fair profit. Developing countries have endless resources that other countries need; and that is the key to ending their poverty. Once they have a fair trade policy, they will be a step ahead of the curb as far as resources go; now, all we need is to sacrifice a fraction of our profit for the good of millions of others.

As stated on the trade campaign on Oxfam international; Delivering on long overdue promises could make a massive difference to people living in poverty, but the latest proposals fall short of what is needed and continue to prioritize the interest of rich countries. So richer countries choose not to lose the profit of tariffs, but if we allow poor countries to trade their resources freely, it will cause an up-spring in global trade and create competition, leading to better deals on the products we need, and thus balancing the world economy.

It is very important that we limit tariffs and regulations on global trade so that developing countries make the profit they need-one of the greatest steps we can take to dramatically reduce world poverty.

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