A Sad Day for The Jaguar

February 20, 2012
By bhk2127 BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
bhk2127 BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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The jaguar is a very elegant, exquisite animal. Unfortunately, they are disappearing right in front of our eyes. But any way you look at it, they are nothing different than your family pet cat or dog. It is a must to save the jaguar from extinction.

Believe it or not, jaguars are very popular all over the world. As stated on NatGeo.org, jaguars have served as potent cultural icons for many indigenous American people from the Mayans & Incas, to the Guarani Indians, of the Gran Chaco. Now you can see the jaguar is a very sought after animal to tribes and people all over the world. As much as it bothers them, unfortunately, they can’t do anything about it. One of the biggest problems is deforestation in South America, forcing all of the Jaguars to abandon their habitats.

Not only are they very luxurious animals, each Jaguar has its own very unique pattern of spots on its coat. The beauty of nature is enhanced only by its gee whiz factor. The Arizona Local News says Jaguars are not only drop dead gorgeous, but each jaguar has its own unique pattern of spots. Jaguars are a big part of the food chain. Without them, who knows, the small rodent population could be over the top, which could be a bad thing for the environment they live in.

People hunt jaguars and refer to them as trophy game. But is that hunting that they do legal? Most of the time, it isn't, and that is called poaching. Poaching is another big reason why the jaguars are slowly dying off. Fortunately, some people around the world are attempting to help and save the jaguar. As stated at NatGeo.org, a key component of the jaguar conservation program involves building local capacity in jaguar countries to study, monitor, and protect jaguars. But they can’t do it all, we need the help from the people out there that want to save this unique cat.

There are some actions you can do today to help forth with saving the jaguar. There are several programs and adoption sites online. Most people that read this won’t do a thing, but the ones that do, will get the greatest feeling in the world. That is a feeling that can’t be described. Like Jack from pleasesavethejaguar.co says, the jaguars are very intelligent animals that we must help save. But what is more important, spending a dollar on that song from iTunes, or instead, donating a dollar to the save the jaguar foundation?

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