Iran: Over Played Drama or Legitimate Threat?

February 8, 2012
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It has become clear at this point that Iran is in the early stages of building a nuclear arsenal , but do they really pose a threat to anybody ? The answer is yes, Iran has made their intentions clear; Iran will use a nuclear weapon on Israel once they successfully build one. Although not officially confirmed that Iran is building nuclear weapons it is clear that they are, Iran has obtained weapons grade plutonium and they have moved their nuclear facilities further underground, probably amidst a imminent attack from Israel.

Although Iran poses no immediate threat to the United States, they do pose a definite threat to Israel, our sworn ally. Experts have confirmed that Iran will probably have a working weapon within a year and there is no doubt that they will waste no time in using that weapon against Israel. This is a problem for several reasons, any type of nuclear attack no matter who it's against is a bad thing for the world not to mention the severe blow it would deliver to the already unstable global economy, next, if Iran does launch a nuclear weapon into Israel the U.S would have to immediately defend and support Israel, does the U.S really need to enter into another military confrontation or possibly even another war ? As I previously mentioned about the global economy, militarily tension between Iran, Israel and the United States would be severely damaging, Americans would have to most certainly be expecting a spike in gas prices due to nuclear tension in an oil wealthy country like Iran. Not to mention that a nuclear attack of some sorts would most certainly cause severe drops in not only the American stock market but also in Europe and most certainly Asia.

All in all we must realize that the possibility of Iran successfully developing nuclear weapons and using them is not the only risk associated with this conflict, there is another aspect of this drama that is basically a one way street into another war and that is Israel committing a preemptive strike against Iran in order to stop their development of nuclear weaponry and ensure their own protection. This may be confusing to some so ill explain, a few week's ago President Ahmadinejad of Iran stated that if Israel launches a preemptive strike against them they will consider it an “act of war” by the U.S because of the close ties and recent support of Israel. The evidence is mounting that Israel is soon prepared to launch this preemptive strike, last week Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated that the U.S will support Israel when they launch the strike, officials in the Israeli government have also stated that they are preparing a strike to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities in order to ensure their own protection.

No matter what happens it is apparent that Iran is a global threat and some action needs to be taken immediately before they move their facilities deeper underground. It is also apparent that no matter what happens the U.S will have deep involvement which could slow economic recovery on the home front and thrust us into another unnecessary war.

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