whaling is wrong

January 17, 2012
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Dear Barack Obama,
Would you fancy you child to get a free lunch at school? Most will say yes, but wouldn’t you desire to know what kind of meat it is? Yes, you would want to know. How would you feel if you’re child was eating whale meat or dolphin meat. That contains a lot of mercury enough to kill your child. Some people in Japan have no Idea what’s happening there. Celebrities have went and tried to make a difference and was ban from the country.

Some may squabble that the Japanese are using the whales and dolphins for research but there’s proof that they’re using it for killing whales. Whales are found in our everyday lives. For instance, Japan selling mercury- contaminated whale meat. Pregnant women have giving birth to deformed children. Or their children came out have had retardation, all because people on Japan are giving and selling whale meat containing a high dosage of mercury.

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