Painfull Kindness

February 2, 2012
A man saw a thin, young child freezing beside the road
He stopped and stared at the frail, bonny boy wondering if he was cold
He continued by though once looking back at a girl who pushed him down
But he turned away and kept on walking strait right out of town

A snowflake breeze blew on the sidewalk as the poor boy stood in the snow
Never looking up and always looking down, begging because it's hunger he knows
He looked up into the eyes of a sad, old frightened man
A glimmer of guilt flashed through the green when the man just turned and ran
A girl came and kicked the boy down, the chill seeping into his bones
Took the shoes right off his feet and the little that he owned

The man sat on a old park bench thinking wildly to himself
Imagining the days of his childhood and stupid wishes of piling wealth
He entered a stored and bought only few though knowing it's never enough
He wound his way through city streets searching for the boy clad in rough

A man handed him a blanket and other heavenly things
It felt so good to feel their warmth and being treated like a king
He asked him why he helped him and all that he did say
Was "I was once a young, cold beggar like you" and he simply walked away

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