February 1, 2012
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The way this country runs now is so based on politics and economy, it seems like us kids talk about politics everyday. Politics aren’t bad but they can get really frustrating. I really wish many of our politicaadvisers would get along. Its always on the news how the Republicans and Democrats are not able to concur with each other and make decisions. That doesn’t help us at all in these tough times. I remember when we never even cared about politics and we would care about how much friends we have and what shoes we wear. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days because I want a simple life. I know its impossible to go back anwoulddn’t survive if I was like that. I guess what im trying to say here is us kids cant always talk about politics everyday. It makes us stressed and worried about what will come. I agree we should care about our countries future, because we are Americas future. Some people are not meant to live a life of politics. I know I will be because I absolutely love politics. Besides that, I want to have an amazing teen life. And mine is almost over. So if the teachers could possibly let up on their political beliefs and the social downturn in our country. Let us have our fun while we can, while were still young…..

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