Fall of the World Empires

February 1, 2012
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I’ve awoken in a desolate world filled with death, destruction, poverty, greed, and somewhere lurking in the shadows of the hearts of those in hiding and the fallen, peace.
Peace, it’s like water on this planet, ever flowing through the creases of those evil tyrannical souls of these modern day humans, never taken seriously for its rarity, its beauty, and its destructive force.
Humans have almost completely destroyed their own planet, their only home, they have continued to fight one another destroy themselves, killed over for no reason at all.
Thousands upon thousands go battles and wars fought for control of land, water, peace and prosperity, freedom and peace.
I’ve witnessed one of the greatest wars fought by man, humans annihilating each other, in any way they can, obliterating landscapes that were once so beautiful, lush with life, and wiping cities off their foundations, millions of humans dying by the bloodied, uncleansed hands of their own kind.
Dead, soulless, lifelessness humans running amok, finding new ways to kill each other, and eventually themselves, and soon, they achieved their goal.
The country that was built up to offer freedom, prosperity, home to all, America, now possesses the strongest arsenal of weapons known to man, the nuclear bomb. America has declared war on Germany, and sent in its military to bring the 3rd Reich to its knees, and bring Adolf Hitler to justice. Adolf Hitler, the devil reincarnate himself, led a crusade against the Jewish religion, the war continued on as WWII unleashed its might upon the world. Sometime between the wars, I watched as they were attacked by a small but powerful, island country. The American naval fleet was decimated and crippled; America declares war on the people of Japan.
As Hitler was pushing the Americans back and the Russians were pushing forward, America’s soldiers of fortune, and their untrained military, were decimating the islands of the pacific while taking heavy losses on the beaches of Iwo Jima. Soon it looked like they were winning, but they were wrong.
It sadly came to the conclusion that if the Japanese military could not be stopped they would reach
midwestern states of America in less than 6 days of breaching the coastlines to the west.
The American military are facing an enemy unforeseen for their strength and valor, and decided that they had no other choice but to use the nuclear bomb on two key production cities on the island of Japan. In 3 days after the declaration to use nuclear weapons, Americas military held their positions, and soon a lone bomber jet blasted out of the blue sky over the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and dropped the bomb. It was a horrific and devastating sight, watching humans use the laws of physics to destroy one another. Millions of humans have died at the hands of three humans, and all it took was three words, I declare war.
As time progressed, their knowledge of space, technology, their own minds and bodies, have reached unprecedented heights in only a 60 year span. Humans have the ability to learn so much, their own ability to adapt so quickly to new environments is both their blessing and curse.
As they produce gases to power their modern day equipment, they destroy their home; they begin to destroy their selves once again.
The 2nd millennium passes by, and a new type of war emerges on the masses of humans, a war of machines. Machines now dominate every corner of the globe, on every continent, country, every state, in every home, and as time moved on, we managed to find a way to allow machines into our own complex body. As America polices the world through force, politics and money, and focuses on the war on terrorism, they do not see the damage they cause to their planet.
This world of humans, the infestation that should not be on this planet, does not have much time left, but they do not see this, always as it was throughout human history, they will NOT see it coming, a catastrophe of biblical proportions is what’s needed to get humans to even think about changing their disgusting ways.
It’s a shame that we as a species do not see our wrongdoings, there are the majority of us who sees it, and try our best to stop it, but we have no voice, we are thrown in prison for trying to save our only home.
There are those who see it daily, and have the voice and power to stop it, but are too afraid to speak out in fear they’ll lose their jobs, and worse of all, theirs those of you who see it everywhere, and don’t give a damn about your survival, your home, in this vast ocean of destruction and death, you are the cause of it all.
Think of your actions, keep your mind straight, and recognize the destruction and despair we have scarred this planet with, and please for the sake of your children’s survival, your species survival , help us save this planet, our home, your only home, because without earth we shall perish as the worthless, soulless, creatures we are.

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