February 1, 2012
By Brandon Gwinner BRONZE, Everson, Washington
Brandon Gwinner BRONZE, Everson, Washington
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"Within the pastel walls of a modest suburban office, Israeli high-tech workers have accomplished a feat that still eludes their political leaders: They have created a partnership with the Palestinians." as the Israeli companies outsourcing to Palestinians article said. This shows that outsourcing can be a positive. "I am publicly apologizing to parents, what we can assure parents is that we are doing something about it." As Robert A. Eckert, Mattel's chairman and chief executive said in Mattel recalls more Chinese-made toys. This shows how outsourcing is a bad thing. Outsourcing is bad for America!

One of the main outsourced places is Wal-mart. Everything there from games to clothes is outsourced. The reason why Wal-mart outsources is because they get everything for cheaper, sell it for more, pay their workers less, and make lots of money. This is bad for America because Wal-Mart runs companies out of business and they pay their workers less. This is ruining our economy because there are less jobs and less pay. "Wal-mart sets standards for the nation and companies that want to compete." This shows that Wal-Mart is in control. Wal-Mart tells companies that they are buying from the price they want to buy and the company will sell for that much. Wal-Mart has reason to do this because in the video is Wal-Mart good for America it states, "Wal-Mart has done better than any country in U.S history.", also, "Wal-Mart has 256 billion dallors in sales." This shows that Outsourcing is bad for America because Wal-Mart is outsourced and it has made so many businesses out of business.

Indians are angry that they get paid far less than unemployed Americans which are eager for the same jobs. Indian companies believe that the restrictions and fees increases are unfair. The High-tech jobs next phase of outsourcing states, "President Obama, who began a visit to India on Saturday, also has urged Congress to close tax breaks that he says encourage companies to create jobs in other countries. India's outsourcing industry was shaken last year when Obama said he wanted to change, a tax code that says you should pay lower taxes if you create a job in Bangalore, India, than if you create on in Buffalo, New York." This quote shows that it makes it easier to have jobs when outsourcing. In the text High-tech jobs next phase of outsourcing states, "outsourcing is a sore point in an otherwise deepening relationship between India and the united states, which see each other as essential partners in such areas as counterterrorism, defense contracts ad nuclear energy." This quotes shows that outsourcing is bad for America because it is a sore point between India and the Untied States.

Outsourcing causes lots of jobs to be lost. This is because other companies are causing other companies to run out of business and for lots of the jobs to be lost. Also, because of the internet jobs have been able to do over the internet. For example, in the article A tutor half a world away, but as close as a keyboard states, "Mrs. Salin, who grew up speaking the Indian language Malayalam at home, has been tutoring Daniela in English grammar, comprehension and writing." This quote shows that America has been losing tutoring jobs to people half way across the world teaching things over the internet. In A tutor half a world away, but as close as a keyboard also states, "As in other types of outsourcing, the driving factor in "homework outsourcing," as the practice is know, is the cost. Companies like Growing Stars and Career Launcher India in New Delhi charge American students $20 an hour for personal tutoring, compared with $50 or more charged by their American counterparts." This quote shows that this is a form of outsourcing and how it is bad for America because America is losing jobs from it.

In conclusion, Outsourcing is bad for America because they lose jobs, there are sore points between the U.S and India and Wal-Mart has caused so many businesses to go out of business. Outsourcing needs to be stopped! If it isn’t stopped than America will be a very poor state because the Chinese will eventually raise the price of all products when all the other companies are out of business and out of the way.

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