Ron Paul for President

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

He is considered an extremist. His ideals for taxes and money are pretty unique. There are many people who favor other candidates above him. However, I like Ron Paul, and believe he could be our next president.
First off, he is pro-life, and issue which is important to me. He wishes to see Roe v. Wade overturned, and as president, he would work towards it.
His views on money and taxes are also admirable. He sees the inflation that is ravaging our country’s money, and considers it to be a “hidden tax.” He is aggravated with the fact that in 1913, something you could buy with $1.00, you now must purchase for $22.55. In his opinion, we should use the gold standard system for our currency.
He protects gun owners’ rights by supporting the second amendment. He has a rating of “A” by the National Rifle Association, which means he is pro-gun.
He also supports allowing prayer in schools, and other religion-based freedoms.
In many issues, he supports states’ rights rather than federal rights. He supports giving more power to the states. He is a major supporter of the Constitution.
He also has experience, being a congressman for many years.
Ron Paul has a good chance at becoming president, and I support him.

The author's comments:
Even though he isn't the most popular candidate for the 2012 election, I support him. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Rick Santorum president either.

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on Jan. 20 2012 at 3:54 am
Treefiddy BRONZE, Tarzana, California
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All this is true and very good but his foreign policy view is as radical as the reddest Noam Chomskyite. He has said on multiple occasions that the United States provoked 9/11. He recently said that we are a racist, bigoted nation that sentences blacks to death more disproportionately than whites -- which isn't true; it's quite the opposite. His views toward Iran, that we have no evidence they are planning to construct a nuclear bomb is truly frightening. I have never heard him say a good word about this country other than he loves the Constitution. With these views, he belongs on the radical left.

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