We Are The 99%

December 12, 2011
By Essielong20 SILVER, Conifer, Colorado
Essielong20 SILVER, Conifer, Colorado
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The occupy wall street movement is going to build a better foundation for future generations, meaning todays American’s children and grandchildren, instead of having them deal with this tremendous debt the upper class has dug average American’s into. The banks, the mortgage companies, and the financial institutions are targeting the middle class with unfair taxes, fore closers, and many other additional fee’s. The middle class is becoming extremely unemployed which is making the upper class angry, because they have less income coming in, so in result the banks, mortgage companies and financial institutions are charging the middle class with fee’s they do not deserve. Is it our fault the upper class cant make up their minds and provide steady employment for what average American’s work?
The protesters of the occupy wall street movement have spread worldwide, bringing attention to this problem and attempting to fix this situation that is occurring with the upper class. On the protesters website “occupywallstreet”, they state they are leaderless and are the “ 99 percent that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1 percent.” The protesters also state that “ 1 percent of the people have 99 percent of the money”, saying that the 99 percent that is the people affected by this problem is sharing 1 percent of the money, that’s not right. The “99 percent” feel that the system is stacked up against them and only support the rich in whatever they might think they need instead of addressing important things such as education. The 1 percent basically doesn’t care what happens to the U.S.A. in the future as much as they care about who will pick up their dry cleaners in the next week.

The 1 percent should not be considered citizens of the United States. Why? Because they are not following their roll as citizens and seem to think they are in their own world where nothing bad could ever happen, someone needs a reality check. The 99 percent cares about what the future looks like for the youth of our time. All we want is for the 1 percent to take off the cucumbers of their daily facial and realize what the world is coming to because of this horrendous situation the real world is facing. What makes these people so much better then average citizens? Clear skin? Nice dresses? New cars? The latest technology? Take all those things away and see how the 1 percent manages in the real world. Would we help them? The 99 percent probably would. So why can’t they help us?
Modern technology might be able to open the 1 percent’s eyes. While they are in Mexico or some other nice location, tanning on their expensive boat , how would they react if they checked their twitter to someone saying they are selfish and need to realize what’s happening to our world? The internet is bringing this situation to more peoples attention. The financial system is so complex someone living on the other side of the country could repossess your house. In these economic times its making college for students a long lost dream, making it nearly impossible for the 99 percent youth to achieve their goals.

The one percent isn’t right, but they’re not necessarily wrong. They don’t realize what’s going on because this is the what they have grown accustomed to. The one percent is used to getting whatever they wrote on their Christmas list, or having people wait on them hand and foot. They don’t realize what we are going through because they don’t have to, and through all that power, there is immense greed. With all of this pampering, the one percent starts to expect it, creating somewhat of a monarchy. They think this is given to them as what might look like a gift.
The 99 percent should not have to deal with this unruly greed, we are citizens to, but we follow the path that was dug out for us and not paving it like the upper class because they don’t want to get stuck in the gigantic ditch they have created. This is a huge situation that needs to be dealt with, the youth of now is the 99 percent of the future. Why should the 1 percent put all of their problems on the kids who are stuck in reality? We are the 99%.

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chipmunk220 said...
on Feb. 1 2012 at 3:00 pm
Hi! I just wanted to say this was well-written! I teach high school and I am going to share your article with my students. We are learning about the French Revolution and the ideas and themes of this essay really mirror those in Abbe Sieyes's famous "What is the Third Estate". Nice Job!


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