anarchist leadership in of mice and men

December 2, 2011
By human6 GOLD, Fasd, New Jersey
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In the novel Of Mice and Men Slim takes on an authoritative almost god-like character. This leadership role comes not from his violence and threat, not from his position of political or economic power, nor does it spring from his taking the lead naturally. No it is because he has EARNED it. By his wise council he has gained others respect and kindness. By his kind manner he has gained there affection. By his good advice and kind words he has gained there friendship. These are the traits and methods to power of the anarchist leader.
This figure does not seek power, he earns it by his goodness. His rank is the same as his brethren, and he is one of them. He does not truly lead his wise council is respected. In conflicts his judgment is sound. When they are trusted to perform a task it is accomplished. The anarchist leader earns his position and must continue to earn it.
This is not to say that this form of leadership is confined to anarchism, they exist all around us. They are the kids who take charge in a club, who organise a party. They are the good friends you trust to watch your cat while you are away. They are the co-workers who take on the projects for the sick workers. Slim shows his anarchist leadership at the end, he judges that it would be good for Lennie to die at Georges hands and not Curley’s, this decision is his advice to George. He shows this again when he takes George for a drink at the end. This is the good and legitimate leadership that we need.
In spain 36-39 the republic had many of these leaders in the CNT-FAI and PSUC-UGT militias and international brigades. Formed on the spot to fight the fascist uprising, it took little time to found these mass armies, as the people all over the world had been taught the might of direct action and DIY. This might was brought to bear on the evils of Franco, leaders of these armies were respected and revered by there men, not foisted on them from on high. They were heroes of past struggles, leaders of old strikes and rising. This was the might of the anarchist, each fighter is a army to himself and ready to fight for his cause. It is this might that drives us. Slim is chosen as Durruti and Bakunin were by earning his stripes, he is wise so he is asked for council, he is good so he is trusted with secrets and to advise on problems. He was a giant on the ranch.
The largest kind of anarchist leader is a mentor, often they come from within a hierarchy but they and you choose the mentor relationship. Even if its a forced mentor from above you choose whether they are truly mentors. This relationship kind is the most powerful in forming the individual, the mentor shapes the person more than friend, care taker parent, teacher, even the lover. The mentor guides his positions, his values and life. The care taker parent is amazing at pushing the individuals positions away from there’s but they can’t pull the child in. However the mentor can pull the individual to whatever position the mentor holds. Of course this moves both ways the mentor is famous for change from his charge. Slim is a mentor to the ranch as a whole, his caring lead Candy to have his dog shot, and George to shoot Lennie.
These many roles are all those of the anarchist leader, those of Slim. As you go forth think on your life think of your anarchist leaders. These leaders have one great power that no other leader does, that of creating rebellion, because they are person of person and not official they are often the leaders who are questioned. The nature of anarchism and those who perform anarchism without knowing it is to create rebellion, if a anarchist leader is misguided or fails he falls to the majority. Slim is beginning to abuse his power, ordering death and carnage. These abuses will lead his to his fall if they continue. If he falls he had best run as nothing is harder than the fall from anarchist leadership.
This mighty role of mentor, judge and moral guide is one Slim uses well for the most part. He should continue to grow as a leader and mentor, for he must not stagnate a little falter is all it takes for a fall on the farm, and he has far to fall. With this leadership comes responsibility not all are up for it. The anarchist leader is they greatest leader for he needs the love of his followers. He cannot monopolize education to brainwash them. Nor with control of all legitimate violence can he threaten them. To all who question anarchy’s legitimacy look no further than your mentor.

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Leadership in anarchy, using slim as an example.

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You need to learn the difference between 'their' and 'there'.
But good summary altogether.

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