A Time to Spend; Democrats and their Debt Crisis

November 30, 2011
By Anonymous

A fiscally conservative Republican-led Congress, Senate, and White House would best handle the economy. All it takes to understand this situation is to take a closer view at the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Reagonomics, as his economic policy was penned, had four main pillars.

1. reduce the growth of government spending

2. reduce marginal tax rates on income from labor and capital

3. reduce regulation

4. control the money supply to reduce inflation.

Using these as his guide, he guided the United States to one of the longest peacetime expansions in U..S history. Approximately 16 million jobs were created during his presidency. The median family income went up, unemployment went down, and our economy's GDP growth went up. The way President Reagan laid out his plan was simple for the average person to understand, and to this day he is ranked highly in public opinion of U.S. Presidents.

Barack Obama tends to seem to look up to FDR's economic policy as his influence. Certainly during his presidency, times became better. But while many like to point to The New Deal, that was not how we got out of the great depression. The war was the reason we came out. The jobs created by it, not FDR's New Deal were the source of economic success.

The governments debt rose, and it took over a decade to get over it. After FDR's successor Harry Truman, a Republican became president. During Mr. Truman's presidency, the American people realized the effects of spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax. President Eisenhower is ranked by historians as one of the top ten presidents in U.S. history.

Now, as the economy seems to sit on a teeter-toter, and we all cringe a little at the thought of April 15. The only way to get the American taxpayers spending again is tax cuts. The more money you take from the middle-class, the less money is flown throughout the system. Then stocks go down, and another rescission rolls by again. Republicans believe in less spending and less taking, which simply put, works better than more spending and more taking, the Democrat's way of thinking. There's not too much more to say other than that, so the taxpayers can determine which sounds better. As election season comes by, I encourage you to vote Republican. A vote Republican is a vote for less spending and less taking!

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