The World Is Being Taken Over

December 15, 2011
By nikki007 GOLD, Bonney Lake, Washington
nikki007 GOLD, Bonney Lake, Washington
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The scare of socialism, communism, and dictatorship is over according to the government. There is no fear of having another Julius Caesar take over or Hitler or even the Soviet Union. They don’t seem to realize that the scare is not over it is truly just beginning. There has even been success in the taking over and brain washing of a country.
Saddam Hussein in Iraq took over and led the people with fear. The people of Iraq didn’t show their opinions or beliefs from fear of being executed or worse torture. Every day the people would go to work and live out their daily lives constantly nagged with the fear that they are doing something wrong. After Saddam’s name was spoken or written following it would always be a saying that was something similar to him always being in the prayers of the Iraqi people. The Baath Party took over and controlled every aspect of the common people’s lives. Constantly surrounded by pictures, paintings, posters, and sayings of the Iraqi dictator and constantly being watched by the camera’s and under the government’s eye; being judged and measured to see if they are a traitor. Saddam ruled by intimidation not giving the people a chance to feel secure or safe enough to be able to think straight or logically. Iraqi people were scared out of their minds with fear, trying to conform to the rules to not stand out so they could continue living.
Given that now Saddam Hussein is dead and the Baath Party is not the one in power now, there is still a chance of that coming back. Probably more than a chance because Saddam was the same kind of leader as Hitler; Saddam led without any care other than his own. He used the people he was in control of as a crutch to give him the reason that he was doing his work for them; it is something similar to the ‘Mandate’ an election term that the American presidents have used to validate some of their actions in office. He was greedy with power, he wanted to take over and rule ultimately the world I’m sure. Saddam created an identical match from the world of George Orwell’s novel from 1984 with the government controlling everything. Always being watched and controlled and monitored and living in fear. There are differences and Iraq had not yet reached that extreme state but it was quickly on its way there.
Everyone needs to become more aware. The United States may be surely on its way to a completely controlled way to the society of Oceania in George Orwell’s novel of 1984. With the American people now giving away more freedom and not caring to take control or advantage of their freedom puts us at higher risk of losing those certain freedoms. American people don’t use the freedom to vote we will soon lose it. Their justification to not voting is that it doesn’t matter or it won’t make a difference but they don’t understand that it really will. Using the freedom to voice, show, act out, vote, and express your opinion is some of the most important things here in America. Just think of all the different countries out there that don’t have the freedom to vote. In South America, Chile, it is a law that you have to vote. Being forced to vote makes it easier for the government to force the hand of the voters to turn a certain way for a particular leader to win the election.
Like the freedom to vote for elected officials, the freedom of speech to yell out and voice your different opinions, the freedom to say bad things about our President, laws, and military; it is important that we keep these freedoms and rights. The government has recently tried to take over more and more. The American people have seemed to become lazy and want to be catered to by the government. We have reached a time where people don’t want to provide or necessarily think for themselves. The standing of America has crumbled and the intelligence level has been lowering for quite some time now. It needs to change by the people starting to become more independent and aware of the actions being taken by the government. Don’t be afraid to voice or show your opinion. Stand up for what you believe in. These are just the beginner steps to claiming back the power of the people and our independence. To get our independence back we have to take a stand and show that we will fight them to keep our rights. Voting is a crucial part that shows quickly how they are not doing what we want or expect them to do while they are in office. It is your responsibility to draw the line of their power or else they will take over.

The author's comments:
Ignorance needs to stop and independence needs to start.

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