December 9, 2011
In the article "the values Americans live by" L. Robert Kohls he states that America has a distinct bluntness and openness about it. However I disagree. Sure, i guess America tells it like it is. But for the most part America beats around the bush and tries to sugar coat and make it seem like whats really going on is all perfect and fine even though its really not.

In this society we live in today America is said to be honest, open and direct but my research has told me otherwise. In 1983 80% of Americans believed what they read or heard in the news. But now less than 60% of Americans believe what they hear or read in the media(McCormick, Patrick. "Cheaters never win.)
This is due to the fact that over the years the media has proven to the American people that most of their stories are not telling the whole truth or are completely false altogether.

In my opinion America is not honest. Americans do what it takes to get ahead in this tough time we are living in today. Most families do not do not have the money to do what they want.So therefore they cheat to get ahead. In 1999 a study was conducted of 2000 college students to see if they have ever cheated or plagerised to get ahead on their work. the results were quite surprising. 3 out of 4 students did admit to cheating and even plagerising to get a good grade(national study report). If America was honest the results would have shown otherwise.

Many kids today have fancy mp3 players and ipods they use everyday. However most 12 and 13 year old kids do not have a job to pay the $1.00 cost for downloading a song. so they result to illegally pirating music from one of the thousand music sites that make it very easy for anyone to do. Music isn’t the only thing either many Americans have computers that can let them burn or download movies free of cost. There are even sites to let you watch a movie for free that is still in the theaters.

America is a country that stands by its government through thick and thin but are they really being honest with us? The whole basis of getting elected is to produce lies and slander about your opposing candidate or whatever it takes to get elected. our government is notorious for not telling the whole truth. During the bush administration President Bush looked for any way he could to legitamize a war with Iraq. Bush made claims that iraq was holding weapons of mass destruction and bio-chemical weapons. Also that Saddam hussein had ties with al-queda and osama bin laden none of these statements were found to be truthful. its not just recently our government has’nt been truthful either. During the 1950s in Roswell New Mexico there was a supposed alien crash landing sight. Many people reported having seen the crash. There was even photo evidence leaked of the crash site. However our government covered it up by making our soldiers swear to secrecy(Corso, Philip J) and with a supposed “weather balloon story”. There are also many theories floating around about how we assassinated our own president JFK. There has been many speculations about this theory there is even video evidence that shows after JFK was shot he did not die instantly so the driver of the car had turned and shot him. Although this has never been totally proven many americans still to this day believe its true.
Our men and women of the police forces across this country are supposed to stand for justice and liberty however the 100s of the racial profiling and the racist police brutality cases say otherwise. “The brutal beating of Rodney king by white police officers was not an isolated incident”. (National study reports) It shows a dirty trend among white police officers. The university of Florida conducted studies showing a nation wide pattern of violence against minorities by white police officers (national study reports university of Florida). Black men especially. The study has shown that blacks and latinos were victim to 97% of violent police brutality cases. White police officers were involved in 93% of these cases. Between January 1990 and May 1992 there were more than 130 incidents of racial profiling and violent police brutality cases against minorities of many different races. The usual scenario was a white police officer and sometimes more than one, beating a black or Latino man with exessive force with little reason for these actions. Also there is the problem of racial profiling. Many police officers may accuse a minority of a crime just because he is a different race and in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are hundreds of cases like this each year. If a crime is committed and the police officer on the scene cannot catch the real criminal he may blame someone just so he does not look bad. Also it does matter if your rich, poor, well educated or even if the minority is a famous athlete the police will go out of their way to hassle and profile these people. There are also many reports of the accused officers recieved little to no reprocussions for there actions. I believe police officers let all the power go to their head. they think that just because they have a badge and a gun they can do whatever they want however, I do not agree with this.

I will admit Americans at times can be very blunt and somewhat open. For example If an American is having a conversation with another person he or she might rudely say “your breath stinks or you need to brush your teeth” or something along those lines . But there is a fine line between bluntness or honesty and rudeness. I think America is just rude not blunt and honest. I will admit that America tells it like it is its not because we are honest its because we don’t care and don’t have very much respect for peoples feelings. America Has grown to be a rude mean place. Where people cut you off in traffic, neglect to hold doors for people and have blatent disregard for anyone but themselves.

So after all my research I have come to the conclusion that i do not agree with L. Robert Kohls saying that America is honest. I will admit that America can be blunt at times but most of this bluntness is just rudeness. America has defineately changed for the worst over the years and it has become way less honest than it was in the past.

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