Japan vs. Saudi Arabia

November 16, 2011
By baluca15 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
baluca15 BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Many countries have different religions, beliefs, and laws. A different system of ruling and/or government. Some are similar in ways, but very different. Japan’s culture does not involve tattoos and they have ban people with tattoos in some parts. Saudi Arabia punishes their people by lashing and flogging when laws are broken. Both countries are very serious about their governmental system and keep it very tight.

Kobe, Japan shouldn’t ban people with tattoos because it is a form of self-expression. Tattoos are a permanent marking that means something to each individual. If the tattoo is respectful meaning it has no influence then it should be allowed. “Such a ban could start a controversy over the possible violation of freedom of expression.” Americans may not understand why this is happening because there’s more freedom in this country. Japan is very strict with religion and appearance. Tattoos might not be part of their religion and their country doesn’t want other people to change it.

In Saudi Arabia, lashing and flogging is a form of punishment. This is how they believe people in their country who break laws should be treated. “King Abdullah has promoted some social reforms since taking the throne in 2005 but diplomats say he is held back by religious clerics and princes.” These harsh punishments take part in their religious aspects. “The country crucified two people in 2009, including one in the capital Riyadh during President Barack Obama’s visit last April.” President Barack Obama has no say in what other countries do with their people. Crucifying people in Saudi Arabia is like putting someone in the electric chair in America. It is a form of a death penalty.

In other countries, it’s their way or no way at all. Saudi Arabia is a monarchy. Their people have no say in the ruling of their government system. America has a hard time understanding because the horizons are very open oppose to other countries. These countries are under silent dictatorship. This means that people do have an opportunity to leave, but they make it very hard for the people to leave. Things such as religion and monarchy are nearly impossible to change and may never change.

Japan and Saudi Arabia are different, but somehow the same. Both countries enforce their expectations to their people. “The city intends to come up with a concrete plan this year.” Kobe, Japan will do everything they can to get rid of tattoos in their influential society. “Under Saudi’s Sharia or Islamic laws, flogging is mandatory for a number of moral offences.” These laws are very traditional and highly put into action.

The biggest problem is that America is trying to change other countries. “The kingdom’s use of such punishments has been widely condemned by human rights organization.” Other countries should be highly respected weather they are agreements or disagreements. Most decisions are based government and culture. Many countries have different religions, beliefs, and laws. That’s what makes countries individual and unique.

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You need to re-check your work for grammatical mistakes. In some places you have left out letter, commas, or words.

The structure and content of the piece are well done, but could use some work. At the start, I feel as though I want a little more information before you jump into your argument.


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