2012:The Barack Obama Apocalypse

November 3, 2011
By SamanthaFaith BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
SamanthaFaith BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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According to Jay Leno about the recent debt deal, “President Barack Obama changed his slogan from ‘yes we can’ to ‘yes we cave.’” It is as if America is skulking into a cave that cannot be escaped and is continuing to augment. The president is the leader attempting to assist people to get out of the cave, but is actually making it worse and it slowly starts affecting everyone else. Since 2008, 88 million accounts and credit lines have been closed. Could this have been Barack Obama’s fault since he became president at this time? With his ignorant plans, damaged society, and liberal actions, president Barack Obama should not be re-elected in the upcoming 2012 election.
Barack Obama should not be re-elected in the 2012 election through his ignorant plans. U.S. soldiers are still in Afghanistan fighting in a war. Recently, Obama decided to let soldiers leave Afghanistan until 2014; the soldiers will continue to be there for another three years. There is no reason to be there and it is getting the country more involved with unimportant conflicts. The United States needs a national president now, not an international one. Another unwise plan Obama had done was giving major corporations money and not controlling what the companies are spending it on. The biggest one is the GM/Chrysler bailout worth $25 billion. The present should have had control measurements on how all this money was spent; instead, the CEO’s of these immense companies put the money in their pockets. President Barack Obama also did no action whatsoever towards our nation’s education. America has bad educational projects the president is not improving. He refuses to raise teacher’s pay.
By the damaged society, President Barack Obama should not be re-elected in the upcoming election. It has and will continue to affect future generations. Everyone is losing money even the taxpayers. If statistics continue, the U.S. will not be able to pay the debt off. The next generations will have to pay this debt through raised taxes. Currently, the United States is almost at $15 trillion in debt as a nation. The president has spent $452 billion ever since he has been in office. At the beginning of his term, the nation’s debt was $10.2 trillion. The president thinks printing more money is the solution. Instead, it causes inflation to the recession the country is already in. It will raise money on important items that every person needs like food and gasoline. It also reduces the value of an American dollar when it compares to other currency rates. These are all bad influences on everyone in the entire world.
President Barack Obama should not be re-elected because his liberal actions. For the Supreme Court, judges need to be picked. The president selected judges that are too liberal. Due to these decisions, Republicans said they want to take action. America’s liberty only reaches to an extent; it is finite. Several of Obama’s ideas to help the country have already shut down for being unsuccessful. The Stimulus Package, which had a price tag of $340 billion, came out to be pointless. Obama’s mortgage modification has failed and people continue to lose their homes. The famous “Health Care Plan” did not even pass through Congress. The plan is considered “unconstitutional” in a lot of states. It violates the role of U.S. government. Some judges also said it would lead to a socialist country if the plan were to pass.
Barack Obama should not be re-elected in the upcoming 2012 election. It’s impossible for the leader to help the people out of the cave the president put them in.

The author's comments:
I just believe that it could change everyone's lives if we have a different president in our future. Please, I am not offending anyone who likes Barack Obama, but I think America could be better without him. Please comment and be honest. Thanks.

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