NATIVE AMERICAN SWAG DAY. --A celebration for the hurt and oppressed

October 31, 2011
By ashley.sierra BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
ashley.sierra BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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Speech at the Frederick Assembly

Mr. Papa Smurf, this country has been through many trials and tribulations, as well as many successes. The world has seen America transfer from being a successful nation, to a sign of a plummeting economy. One that shows all of these characteristics, also may be an extreme controversy within our nation ? the celebration of Columbus Day: Hero or Genocidal murderer? Before you answer, I want you to know how much I respect you and your opinion. What you think is crucial in creating discussion and debate. For years, we’ve been celebrating this person, with each having their own opinion about him and his character. While we have been celebrating Columbus Day for years, it is time for a change. This action of genocide taken against the Native Americans can be celebrated no longer. Native American Swag needs to be put into place.

We celebrate other heroes, so why not Columbus? Columbus discovered America, opening up a new port of discovery and trade. We, however, only see the “Average-American Textbook” version of this escapade. This man took the natives out of their own land, almost killing an entire race. He also, unknowingly, wasn’t even where he was hoping to be. Columbus was hoping to land in India, on the other side of the Earth. He wasn’t the smartest man alive, but he definitely knew how to put an entire tribe to work for his benefit. Doing this, he also set an example for others coming from his region to explore the New World. Columbus doesn’t deserve to be celebrated. We don’t celebrate other murderers or renowned geography-idiots.

Yes, Papa Smurf, changing a tradition could be hard. Will it take years? Or months? We have changed laws that have been in place for years. We have changed taxes. Is there any original left? We have changed currencies, we have changed measurement units, and we have changed society. Is there any original left? We have changed the lives of Americans, and we have changed the government. Things that are much larger than a national holiday have been changed, and all of them being beneficial to us as Americans. The people of this nation are those that like to dream, to love, to be free, and to be able to embrace their culture and individuality. Without a holiday for the Native Americans, it makes them unable to celebrate, for example, like Whites or Blacks.

How will the Italians feel if we take away their holiday, their pride? As always, they can always choose to not celebrate this holiday. The Native Americans have always refused to celebrate Columbus Day, and the Italians or other people can always celebrate something different. The Native Americans have no other holiday to celebrate their race, and they deserve one, for being the first race to live in America, for being the first real agriculturalists. They lived almost entirely off the land, and even helped the Americans live off the land too. Native American Swag Day is the best way to represent their culture, because everyone can participate. Also, most Americans have some Native American blood as well.

Christopher Columbus, while he may still believe that he discovered America, can’t be celebrated. Native Americans should have their holiday, fun and enjoyable. Native American Swag Day should be the perfect day for the Native Americans to show their ‘swag’. It’s either time for a revolt or time for a change.

The author's comments:
We learned in school about creating persuasive essays using the Socratic method, and other things. Our topic either had to be silly with a serious audience or serious topic with a silly audience. I have a little bit of both.

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Ajamikal said...
on Nov. 3 2011 at 1:40 am
Awesome article. Native American Swag Day! Makes since. How better to recognize those that have done so much for us all?

staypink4evr said...
on Nov. 2 2011 at 8:56 pm
Soo great :)


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