October 8, 2011
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At first, it was 'censored'. Not many news stations were broadcasting it and no newspapers were printing it. The only way the word was getting around was by blogs and obviously, YouTube. In fact, that is how I heard about it, watching the Phillip DeFranco shoe about two or three weeks ago.

Now the protests are massive; tons of people took over the Brooklyn Bridge just a couple of days ago. The arrests are also massive. 700 people have been arrested, and some have even been beaten or sprayed with pepper spray. Sounds like a protest in a third world country, right?

In a way, I kind of agree with some of the messages put out there by Occupy Wall St. Where are the jobs? What happened to the economy? Why to some people make tons of money, and others lose so much?

Overall, I find these protests fascinating. The fact that they have gone on for four weeks is just incredible, and now the protests are spreading all over the country. From Georgia to California, you will hear about some sort of "Occupy" protest.

What are views on the Occupy Wall St. protests?

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HannahHop said...
Nov. 16, 2011 at 10:51 pm

Honestly, I do not view them in a very posistive light, from my own experience and the news coverage I have seen flash upon the T.V.

First my personal experience.

A few weeks, Cincinnati had an "Occupy Cincy".  From what I've seen, they we were peaceful, and they did not stay very long and so therefore got their point out and were unobtrusive (well, as unobtrusive as people protesting in the center of the city)

What bothered me what they were demanding.  Many, h... (more »)

The_Wilde_Rose said...
Nov. 5, 2011 at 9:28 pm
Well, to be honest I think that this is maybe a sign of hope that the next generation is starting to realize how we need to stand up and fix our nation. However, they really need to get organized, because right now they have no exact thing that they want changed. Everyone wants something different. They need to get a specific goal in mind then campaign for it instead of this chaos.
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