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August 30, 2011
By Dcmerrell BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Dcmerrell BRONZE, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
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Dear Mr. President:

Claiborne Pell once wisely stated “The strength of the United States is not the gold at Fort Knox or the weapons of mass destruction that we have, but the sum total of the education and the character of our people.” The youth of America are losing their edge on other foreign students. For America to stay competitive in the world, the government must subsidize the college tuition.

First and foremost, the huge tuition rates are not fair to the poorer class. With these high prices to go to college, it makes the class division in America more rigid. Only the rich can afford the Ivy League schools which in turn will help a student get a high paying job. So the rich get richer while the poor cannot afford this kind of education. They can only afford a county college or at best a state college. Every student in America should have a chance to enter into the top college based on merit, not wealth.

Secondly, the government’s view on education seems illogical and in contradiction. From grades k-12 the law makes it mandatory for all kids to go to school. The government funds these schools and implements programs such as “No Child Left Behind”, so that every child will have a chance at a good education. However, after 12th grade this all stops. The government no longer sees the necessity to help young adults further their education. What they fail to see is how important college education is to our society. By going to college, America’s students will become more competitive in the world and receive high technical skills. This will greatly boost our economy and keep jobs here instead of being outsourced. To fix our economy we must not spend billions of dollars to waste on some bailout; instead we must give it to Americans to educate themselves and in turn give back to America with their skills.

Thirdly, America’s youth need you. You are in the perfect position to help other poor youth become leaders in the world, and who knows maybe even the President. Can you sit back and watch as some of the brightest minds in this country are turned away by colleges simply because they can’t afford it? Can you look an 18 year in the eye, who worked his butt off for 12 years of his life for a 3.5, and tell him he cannot go to college for the sole reason that his parents lack the money to support him? Mr. President, help the youth of America out, and use your power for good.

Many people state that government subsidized education would cost millions. For every 18-22 year old to receive government money, taxes would have to be raised. This would only add to our astronomical deficit.

This is not necessarily true. The US is currently spending billions on unpopular wars and bailouts of failing companies. If the US instead spent that number on education for their own citizens, and not some big business or foreign country, it could very well pay for itself. And in the long run, well-educated citizens would again contribute to the US economy making it a stronger global power. So by using tax payers’ money on things, such as free college, it would not be expensive at all. To restate what Claiborne Pell said, power in the world rests in the minds and knowledge of its citizens not the iron fist of a nation. I urge you Mr. President, to withdraw funds from unnecessary wars and unpopular bailouts, to assist the average American youth succeed for the rest of his life...


Dan M.

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