An Eye for an Eye Only Makes the Whole World Blind

August 9, 2011
By aty55 BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
aty55 BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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Throughout history there have always been conflicts between people, tribes, or nations. Unfortunately, larger conflicts are solved with violence, in the past and even today. I cannot stand nor do I understand the point of war. Most wars are used to take another nations land but some are fought over religious or ethnic conflicts. Today wars are even fought over natural resources like water and oil. At the heart of all wars is greed. It waste human life and natural resources and it’s against most people’s values.
One of the primary reasons I’m against war is because of its total disregard for human life. Killing others so they can have someone else’s oil or so they can convert others to their religion that supposedly says to never harm life is wrong. The leaders of a country, especially in the modern world, do not die in the wars they create. Rather the citizens of the country must go fight their wars, or get killed as innocent bystanders.
War is used for the most part for countries to get what they want from other countries. If a country wants land, they invade. If they want resources or for another country to believable what they believe, they invade. Wars are fought because of man’s need for greed and power. Hitler for example wanted to start a new pure Aryan nation that he could rule. His grave need for power started one of the most deadly wars which caused two nuclear bombs to be dropped on Japan and killed over 5 million Jewish people all over Europe.

Although some wars may seem justified on the surface, they are often just as bad if not worse than other wars. For example, the American Revolutionary War was fought against the British on the principal that “All men are created equal, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”However, once this war was won and the Americans freed themselves from English rule, they did not abolish slavery until 1865 and didn’t give women the right to vote until 1920. So the American Revolution really only benefited male Caucasian land owners. Even though, Caucasians, African Americans and woman died in the war.
All war does is set the backdrop for the next war, creating a vicious cycle. An example of this would be after World War I many Germans felt ashamed that they lost in World War I making it easier to for Hitler start World War II. World War II was supposed to be the war the ended all wars but that didn’t happen because there have been many wars to follow, such as the Korean War, Vietnam war, Iraq war and many others.
In short, war kills people, waste money and resources and the things gained from a war can barley measure up to the things lost. Some leaders say a war is need to protect their nation, yet they are harming other people who have the same human rights as the citizens who are being “protected” There are much safer, none violent ways to solve conflicts. Nations could use the United Nations to discuss their problems and come to a peaceful agreement instead of fighting. I would protest the use of war to solve problems because war is not worth the loss of life.

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