Bias In The News

July 27, 2011
The news an be reported objectively, but it is rare that it is. Stations like FOX and MSNBC make it so people would think that their is no objectivity in the news today. However, there are few news stations such as CNN who report the news straightforward, and make fun of or are in favor of each side one at a time. News stations like this appeal to those with an open mind, while still being fair about the facts and opinions expressed on the broadcasts.

FOX News is known as the, "most biased name in news" according to FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting. FOX's founder and president is Roger Ailes. He was one of the most influential Republican politicians in Washington for decades. FOX News reports the issues like any other news station, but their conservative bias is outrageous. In fact, Scott Norvell at FOX News admitted that they are for and are very right-wing in their bias. In his "confession", he never said the word "conservative", however, in more or less words, he stated that political bias was okay when the bias is acknowledged and the public is aware of it. Overall, FOX doesn't deny their bias and have no intent on hiding it. Also, their conservative side tends to always show through on the broadcast.

It is said by many that MSNBC is the liberal bias of the three most popular news stations: FOX, MSNBC, and CNN. An ad that makes some believe this bias is the relatively new “Lean Forward” campaign. Although the ads don’t blatantly identify MSNBC’s liberal slant, they are said to include “signals” that mean the channel is liberal. For example, commercials include clips of homosexual wedding ceremonies, and quotes that are for immigration and diversity. "We’re not just creating advertisements. We are building a stronger consumer brand that differentiates us from the competition and prepares us for future growth,” Sharon Otterman, MSNBC vice president, said in regards to strategy. These quotes and images portray a liberal opinion overall.

CNN is considered the most balanced of the three news stations. Although it has it’s right- and left-wing opinions, it is an overall balanced news station. For example, the number of right-and left-wing staff is relatively equal in comparison to those at FOX. Also, although CNN does have a bias, because every news station does, they try to report the news straightforward without a bias. Unlike FOX news who says it’s OK to be extremely biased. Finally, CNN has central commentary as well as an equal amount of backlash for both sides of the political spectrum.

Overall, it is possible to report the news objectively. However, I believe most stations report it conservatively or progressively with jokes aimed toward the other side. I believe this because they know no one believes one side or the other 100%. Whether you think mostly conservative but some issues spark your liberal voice, or vice versa, the news station you choose to watch will most likely persuade you one way or another. Because of this, people tend to watch the news station that fits their main interest.

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