Politics in Lebanon

July 10, 2011
By Hanady BRONZE, Fih-el- Koura, Other
Hanady BRONZE, Fih-el- Koura, Other
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I’ve been a Lebanese citizen since I was born, but I wasn’t aware of the political problems that were surrounding it until I was probably ten or eleven and I have to say politics in Lebanon sucks. And they do for many reasons:
Many parties and none of them really do anything
Seriously there are about 14 parties in Lebanon (divided in two) and over the years all of them were in charge and honestly none of really did anything. I watched them last night on T.V all they do is argue! Um the meeting was about projects to improve the streets of my country, and nothing about that was mentioned. Come on! Their job is to improve the community, not call each other names!

It’s affecting negatively the people
When you open up a political conversation with a Lebanese (or any conversation) you will probably be asked which party you support. And if they don’t you’ll immediately know their favorite party (as they’ll curse and critic other parties) which is still fine until you hear they get into fights for it. People hit each other and curse at each other and go to jail for being on a different party and yet the politicians themselves are sitting in their million dollar mansions and they never even know they’re fighting over them! Don’t get the wrong picture about politicians; they’re not evil bloodsucking monsters who seek the destruction of Lebanon. They just don’t know how to fix the problems that are facing their country. But the thing is their parties are getting to the mind of everyone, I know kids that are not even 7 years old yet and they still cheer for party and curse another, for god’s sake, those kids don’t even know who are the politicians in head of that party. They hear their parents (mostly father) telling them stuff like: “this man is your future, kid” or “the only people you should follow is god and (politicians name)” (well…at least he mentioned god).

Taxes are rising, and services are still F****d up
Really people where’s the money people are paying for the government. Honestly life in prison would be easier (not that I encourage crime) I mean, you eat for free, you sleep on a bed, sure you don’t see your parents but it’s not like can see them if you were home, they work all day and still can’t afford a descent home. Traffic, unemployment, pollutions, bad sewer system, Bad electricity, did you know there are five hours where we don’t HAVE electricity we use local engines, and pay even MORE bills. Is it too hard to ask for just decent electricity? Do politicians have any idea on how many rivers there in Lebanon (15! They even make us memories them and their locations in school!) Do they know how many water powered electricity plants they can build? Yes they do! (They probably even learned that in school) So why don’t they do anything!
By what I wrote you might thing that Lebanon is hell on earth but it’s not, minus the political system Lebanon is a great place to live, I’m not making publicity or anything but there’s something about it’s climate, it’s people, It’s history that just adds to the mystery of the Lebanese community, plus we’ve been living in such a horrible economic state that we’re immune to worldwide economics disasters!
As someone who has more literary than political taste, my goal in writing this article is to make the voice of many young Lebanese people of my age who have my opinion. And to enlighten many other young people who have already sunken into the political cyclone who is overshadowing every good thing about this little Middle Eastern, multi-religious country on the Mediterranean coast. Maybe, just maybe, the new generation will find a way to save the country that is (politically) on the edge between salvation and destruction.

The author's comments:
This is my first article so forgive any spelling mistakes (or if it sucks)

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