What Really Matters To Us All

July 25, 2011
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This terrible world seems as if it has no decency left to give. Could it be that we have abused all the wonderful things on it for too long, that there is no lust left for mother nature to attempt to resolve the problems on planet earth? Race by race, we have different beliefs and views on all that is major and minor, from religion to rape, economics to Eco systems. But can we really work out our differences? The extremely slim possibility of one seems to be long into the distant future, or never. How can billions of people with all different views come together, sort and negotiate the issues? Is it that us as human beings are far too stubborn to see that we are to stubborn to view others opinions for even just a millisecond? Wouldn't open mindedness keep a healthy environment on earth? What would the world become? Troops fighting in the Middle East for what? Too save innocent Muslims from living a life of misery? Although it may be a temporary solution for the issue, how is killing breathing human beings permanent solution to the race wars? People murdering innocent children in their sleep for the satisfaction of power over another. How can psychiatrist possibly stop a mentally ill person from stoping what seems to be an addiction in mankind today? Children are born everyday. What children grow up to be, regardless of their upbringing, remains a mystery and no single person has control over. Religion causing conflict throughout all races seems endless. Can any religious person say that their religion is the right one to believe in? For isn't the bible and such a book of morals? Where humans today living millions of years ago to say what and who existed in biblical times? Maybe, maybe not. But I am not one to judge, for I have no knowledge of any kind of religion. It is easy enough for a person to say from what is wrong to right, but each insight is different to another. So where does the madness end?

I see no end to this madness. Or is madness just human nature?

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