July 19, 2011
Have you ever noticed that cyberbullying happens on nearly every web page that you go on?
Kids have committed suicide,dropped out of school,and became depressed because people can post whatever they feel like it on the Internet, whether its anonymous or their name. People don't understand how it affects people's lives until they're in a situation like that. Facebook,Myspace,Form-spring,You-tube, and other social networking sites have made it impossible for kids just to enjoy talking to people,posting songs,pictures,videos and status updates, because people feel the need to pick on each other over every little thing. This is not what social networking was supposed to be about. I'm not sure if cyberbullying is yet illegal, but it should be! There would be less deaths, less dropouts, less depression among kids and teenagers.
I hope this makes everybody think about the outcomes of what cyberbullying can do to kids and teenagers.

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