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June 21, 2011
By Rolocoast BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Rolocoast BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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"Don't live life by quotes"

The people, what do they notice? Most people don’t notice the ever-shifting forces of the universe until they come into effect, on them or on another living being. People usually don’t hit a conscious state of mind until a problem has actually blown up in their face, a problem that they must face sooner or later.

It’s really quite puzzling why people take this course when most of the time the best way of resolving a problem completely is by not having the problem happen in the 1st place. By removing all possibility from the problem actually becoming a problem, from becoming a conflict we would have to face in one way or another. It’s not evading the problem but instead it’s not letting the issues flourish. Having prevention defeats the strongest post-catastrophe tactics.

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