Urgent: From the Future, Stop While You Can!

May 12, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear President Theodore Roosevelt,

I write to you from the future. I live in the year 2012 and I would like to warn you of what is coming. I admire you President Roosevelt for the changes you enacted during your Presidency. Your love for nature is truly admirable and I thank you for your hard work towards conservation. I agree with you that we need to protect our environment and put land aside and out of danger from destruction. However, there are still things that you do not know about yet, that will lead to future disaster of our environment. Your times have seen great technological achievements and the Industrial revolution is in full gear. However, there are effects of this revolution that you do not currently know about and need to be informed of to save our planet.

The coal and oil the world is currently using to power the entire industrial revolution is killing our planet. The burning of these substances releases carbon dioxide into the air. This chemical is gas that prevents solar rays from bouncing off of earth. Due to the increase in carbon dioxide in the air few solar rays can bounce off the earth and more stay in earth’s atmosphere and raise global temperature. In the future we call this the green house effect. The raising of the global temperature will bring several harsh consequences. The heat is melting the polar ice caps which is causing a raise in the sea level. We fear that we may loose the entire state of Florida to the ocean within the next fifty years. Also, the raise in the global temperatures means that you for the next one hundred years storms and droughts will be getting worse and worse. There will be hurricanes that drown cities and tornadoes that tear up entire states. This is a warning President Roosevelt. I am a fellow tree hugger my President and I hope you understand the grave implications in using these coal and oil powered factories and cars.

There is hope though. Although you are far from the peak of the technological revolution, it is vital that you change the sources where you get your power. Oil and coal are not only killing our planet, but will run out one day. Attached I have the design for what we call a Solar Panel and a Wind Turbine. We use these to harness the energy of the sun and wind to create energy. We can put this energy in our cars and factories. However, we started using this type of energy too late. We have not made enough advancement in it to make it our sole energy source, and we have a grid based of the coal, gas, and oil system. This is the reason I am sending you these designs. The future needs you to start manufacturing these designs and promoting them as the future form of energy. Hopefully, if we start using renewable energy in 1909 by 2012 we will have made enough advancement where we no longer have a carbon out-put. The future of the future lays on your shoulders Mr. President. May God Bless America, and may God save us all.


P.S. You may want to warn your fifth cousin, Franklin, that there is an eminent attack on Pearl Harbor. (He’ll know what it means)

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on May. 31 2011 at 10:26 pm
Treefiddy BRONZE, Tarzana, California
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Thank God for propagandistic public school education. Search on Youtube "John Stossel - Green Fantasies."

The entire "Green Movement" is not only based upon pseudo science, it is built upon a fraud of political endeavors, whose goal is the death of capitalism. It has been that way since its inception from the 1960s and it is the same today.

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