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April 28, 2011
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The nation is admist change, and this change will bring new and more inventive opinions. Todays lives depend on the technology and faster ways of doing something. Obama was elected president and got the Nobel Peace prize for being the first African American president. What did the man who invented post-its get? What did the inventor of Ice-Cream get? What did the founding fathers of Dartmeith college get? These things pertain to our lives so much and we don't even notice them. How is it that Obama can get acknowledged for his race by so many and recieve the highest award, and the people who invented or created things that we use in our average everyday lives recieve nothing?! This is ludacris, ridiculous, obsurd, and flat out annoying. How do we expect to grow as a nation when most elected Obama because of his race and not what he stands for. This is no longer the nation I would want my children to be proud of.

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