The Whole Deal About Gun Control

April 20, 2011
By savagebeast02 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
savagebeast02 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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You are sitting on your couch in the living room, watching television at 12:30 P.M. You slowly drift away and while you are having sweet dreams you suddenly wake up to a crash of a window breaking and a scream from your wife in the room next to you. You go to grab the gun that you always kept next to you, but then your heart sank as you just remembered the government just passed a bill that outlawed personal defense weapons. Now take that situation, rewind a little bit to the part where you reach for your gun. You grab your gun and run to the next room and shoot the intruder that was in your home and attacking your wife.

As of right now, America still has a pretty good freedom of buying arms. But the current administration is trying to change that. They believe that taking away guns will control crime and accidental shootings. For one, if someone is a criminal, do you think that they will actually follow those guns control laws and give up the guns they own? I don’t think so, that’s why they are criminals. Any criminal that tries hard enough will get their hands on a gun, and since citizens don’t have anything to protect themselves with, it make a criminals job a lot easier. During the course of modern history, people armed theirselves with weapons to protect themselves and the belongings they own. The American Revolution was won by guns, (even though Great Britain had gun control laws) if we didn’t have guns, then we would never be the country we are now.

After the 1997 shooting of 16 kids in Dunblane, England, the United Kingdom passed one of the most rigid gun-control laws in the ever, banning its citizens from owning almost all types of guns. Britain seemed to get safer by the minute, as 162,000 illegal firearms were given over to British officials by law abiding citizens. But this didn't decrease the amount of gun related crime in the United Kingdom. In fact, gun related crime has nearly doubled in England since the ban was enforced. It has actually been proven that when citizens are armed, it reduces crime greatly. If a criminal knows that a neighborhood has residents that own guns, most likely the criminal will stay away from that neighborhood.

You might say ok, what about the criminal, well criminals that are put in prison for periods of time are not allowed to buy guns, which is good. See that is fine, it should be that way so the criminal has a harder time of getting his or her hands on a gun.
Everyone knows that it is the person behind the gun that harms or kills someone, not the gun or the bullet. If you place a gun on a table, it won’t go off and kill someone, the bullet wont magical exit the gun and kill someone. Someone actually has to pick up the gun and pull the trigger. Guns are very useful tools when used properly, they have been used to hunt and get food for a family, they have been used to protect someone or something, and also gun control does not control crime or have any correlation to crime reduction.

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