Cut downs in the UK

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

Today I want to talk about the recent cut downs in the UK made by the government. It is a topic which effects everyone in the UK.

Of course I see the importance of cut downs by the government. After all it is my money which they are spending as if it would be water. But the cuts for the health service and other institution which are supported by the government are the cut downs which are concerning me. The government did this to reduce the money they spend on public services such as the police. But this also means that there are less policemen out of the street and I'm sad to say that but they are necessary. Now a lot of police employers will lose their jobs - in other words get unemployed. But what will they do when the are unemployed? They can't find easily a new job because the only person who employs policemen and women is the government. So where will they find another job? They won't and therefore have to claim jobseeker's allowance. And who will pay for these? The government. So the cut downs will also improve the unemployed rate and will cost the government a lot of money. But now the policeman/woman who look for the security of our streets will sit at home and the crime they may could have avoided is now going on and the government won't save a significantly amount of money. The nursery who maybe would have saved a life, sat at home and watched TV or was looking for another job.

It is not at me to say what the government should do and what not but I can't see the point in save money in this way. There has to be much better ways in reducing the budget. For example looking that we don't get a mountain of debts and to provide that we one time release that we actually don't have the money to pay for all this and therefore suddenly have to cut everything down. It would be differently if the cut downs slowly, one by one would have arrived so that there won't be a significantly difference in before and now. But unfortunately all these cut downs came at the same time and in one huge parcel and look therefore much bigger.

The only time when big budgeting should be a topic to talk about is the time when we are involved in a war. But, fortunately, we aren't and the patriotism isn't the first thing a english man/woman thinks about. In time of a war you can say, we have to reduce everything and the public has to live on the life externes minimum, for the profit of the country. But now the people aren't willing to cut down everything and live with a little amount of money only because the government can't handle with money and perceived to late that this is not a way which can go on forever. We are not willing to pay the mistakes of the ones which should lead us and look for putting things together.

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