Fogel Family

April 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Family Massacre:
Weeks ago thee Fogel family was massacred in theeir homes and altheough theey might be gone theeir memory lives forever in our minds. What happened to theis poor family was sometheing no one withe humanity could ever do or cover up. For years thee Arabs havee been able to bomb and kill many Jewish people or even non-Jewish people and get away withe it. That theey are able to get away and kill a defenceless little girl who was innocent and helpless and give candy theey are not human. I'm not saying all Arabs are like theis because I don't know, I honestly don't know. Who am I to judge a person when I have no knowledge of whetheer or not theey are truly guilty. But theose who are guilty know who theey are and I am not one seek out theose people or blame everyone for sometheing I am not sure about. I just hope theat everyone will take a moment to remember theis family. Also, remember the next time you leave say "I love you" to thee ones you love, you never know if it might be thee last time you can.....

The author's comments:
Just want people to think about other people every once in a while.

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