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April 8, 2011
By CaliRoll BRONZE, Colorado
CaliRoll BRONZE, Colorado
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When you think of Tibet what do you think about? Do you think about the country’s thousands of years of rich history? What if I told you that it might be destroyed or forgotten? What if I told you that it was a free country once and that the bumper sticker saying “Free Tibet” stands for something more then a free country? It stands for a culture that is being destroyed; it stands for the thousands of Tibetans who died to protect their land from the Chinese, it stands for the future generation of Tibetans, the hope that they can learn their religion, their history and be in peace. Tibet Should be free from China because China is occupying Tibet unlawfully, destroying the land and culture in the process.
Fifty-Two years ago China Invaded Tibet the Peoples Liberation Army of 40,000 defeated the Tibetan army of 8,500 and forced them to surrender. The army sent commander Ngado to Lhasa to negotiate with Tibet. There were 20,000 Liberation Army troops on the border of Tibet and forced the Dali Lama to make a hard decision, the Dali Lama did not to flee into exile but made with China on the Seventeen Point Agreement which made Tibet a part of China. Tibet did not choose to join China they were forced it was either agree with the Seventeen Point Agreement of to fight out numbered against China.
China has constructed trains moving through Tibet which disturb the locals. The train links the province of Chengdu in Sichuan to Lhasa. The train has transported 1.5 million people to Tibet and keeps running strong. China has deforested a lot of the land in Tibet. Nearly 50% of the land has been deforested from the Chinese, the total value of timber that China has extracted from Tibet values to $50 billion, many believed the train was to transport people but, “The proximity of the railway to mineral reserves confirms what Tibetans have suspected for some time: that one of China’s prime objectives for the railway is to transport vast quantities of Tibet’s enormous mineral wealth out of Tibet, denying Tibetans any opportunity to profit from the soaring commodity prices commanded by their resources which will instead be utilized by the booming industries of eastern China.” (Mineral Recourses. China is destroying the land in Tibet.
The Tibetan culture is being destroyed and forgotten every day. The Chinese has swamped many of the population with Han-Chinese. In Jobs offered by the Chinese in Tibet the citizens are required to speak Chinese. The Chinese have established secular schools breaking the way of teaching in monasteries. “Between the time of 1959-1961 6,000 monasteries were destroyed and thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns were killed, tortured or imprisoned and 430,000 Tibetans were killed” (Tibetans Slaughtered during Uprising.

China should let go of Tibet and give back the land to the Dali Lama because it was not Tibet’s choice to join China they were forced upon it, China has deforested many of the land in Tibet they are taking the natural resources for their own use and the Tibetan culture is being destroyed. The world is working really hard to help the Dali Lama get Tibet back and the Dali Lama is trying to negotiate with China Maybe in a few years we will see the Tibet flag wave in freedom.

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