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April 6, 2011
Imagine walking outside your door and finding at least two people dead? How would you feel? Imagine having the chance of being raped or knowing that it’s not even safe to walk to and from school? Well, that’s how life is becoming in México, and that’s why many illegal Mexican immigrants come to America. Many United States citizens may not like the idea of illegal immigration, but for Mexicans coming to America it’s a good idea: they don’t have to worry as much about being killed; they have better job opportunities; and they have better educational opportunities.

The United Sates is much safer than México. First off, the drug trafficking in México is out of control, and it’s only going to get worse before it gets better as the Mexican government is corrupt. México is the largest foreign supplier of marijuana. It’s also the second largest supplier for cocaine to the United States (Wikipedia).The drug trafficking is bringing a lot of crime into México, more crime than there was before. Many crimes go unreported; the crime rate may be much higher than reported by the government. There is a lot more killing than there appears to be. You can be completely innocent and be endangered. A recent story that I herd on the news, was about how some gang members wiped out a entire neighborhood, and some like José (makeup name because the surviving person wants to be kept anonymous) were still alive to tell there story (Univision). The Murder rate in México was 1,200 people per every 100,000 people in 2008 and that has gone up dramatically (Fact Monster). On one resent report an artist named Gerardo Ortiz was almost shot he says: ‘salí salpicado de sangre’ I left with blood splashes. His car was shot down as he nearly lost his life on March 20, 2011 when a group of assassins attacked him with gun fire, when he got out of a concert in Colima, México (Univision). Two of the people with him died and he as well almost lost his life. Well there u have it, nor a random pedestrian or an incredibly famous artist is safe anymore.

The United Sates offers better education than México. Rankings are better in the United Sates than in México. The average U.S. math score is 483(“Math Test Scores in 29 Nation”). Mexico’s average score in math is 385 (“Math Test Scores in 29 Nations”). The U.S. averages is 500 in reading and 502 in science and México’s average is 486 in science and 465 in reading (“The Washington Post”). The United States was ranked 25th in math, 12th in reading, and 20th in science in the world; and México is ranked 37th in math, 37th in reading, and 37th in science in the world (Fact Monster). Also, students in the U.S. go to school for longer periods of time. Students are required to attend school until the age of 14-18. In México they are only required to attend until the ages of 12-14 (Wikipedia). In addition México only provides free education and text books until secondary (middle school), and the United States provides free education and text books all the way through high school. Since there is a lot of poverty in México, kids don’t get the same education as the kids in the United States. More than fifty million Mexicans live in poverty, 47.4% of the population (Wikipedia). I do think that this does affect the way kids get there education and how long.

The United Sates have better jobs and a lot more jobs available. Although they are low paying, they are worth a lot more in the U.S. than in México. An American gets paid $15 and an illegal Mexican gets paid $8(Daily Camera Poll). Though it’s not fair, and it’s not much; it’s worth a lot more money here than in México. Some common illegal jobs are landscaping, unskilled work, entry level construction, picking fruits and veggies, cleaning hotel rooms, pre cooking, and working in urban restaurants. In México people will do any little jobs to get a little extra money. People also work on farms and work with cows and animals. Life is hard in México and finding jobs let alone enough money to survive is getting harder each day. Well that’s for most people not all. As talking to a Mexican citizen, he (my uncle) also agrees and thinks that the United States is easier and (Interview with someone who lives in México, my uncle Angel Ortiz). Though life is hard everywhere not having jobs just makes it worse, and in México there less and less jobs available each day (The Daily Poll). That’s why people come to the United States to have better opportunities.

Though the idea of illegal immigration may not be pleasant to some United States citizens, it is the chance of a lifetime for many illegal Mexican immigrants. Although México is an attractive country, the United Sates is safer; It offers more jobs opportunities and its education system is better too, you never know when things are going good you never know what will happen next or when it will happen later.

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