Illegal Immigrants

April 8, 2011
Have you ever thought about who made the clothes your wearing or who prepared the food you eat every day for lunch? Since 1908 migrant labor has been part of America all along, doing America’s dirty work. America cannot survive without illegal Mexican Immigrants.

Illegal Mexican immigrants do jobs Americans don't want. Americans reject certain jobs. For example, they refuse stressful jobs that require lots of training. America are not willing to move up the job ladder slowly, In other words, they are not willing to start from the bottom of the employment ladder and move to the top, not willing to work blue collar jobs (Dirty Jobs).”The American does not want to take out trash or clean windows” (Daily Camera Record). There are many jobs that are turned down by Americans such as landscaping, unskilled work, entry-level construction, picking fruits and veggies, cleaning hotel rooms, busing tables, and prep cooking in urban restaurants (Dirty Work). Reuters reports that, “Up to 70% of U.S farm workers are estimated to be undocumented. That is about five hundred thousand undocumented people. A Washington Post says that most carpet factories are dominated by Illegal Mexican Immigrants. Usually Immigrants look for predominantly unattractive jobs like manual back breaking, seasoning, and farm labor. They do the dirty jobs.

Illegal Mexican Immigrants contribute to the U. S's economy. Many business owners are illegal Mexicans; their small business provides employment. About 18% out of 80% of the new jobs available each year is created by the small business of illegal’s (Eureka of Justice Statistics). In 2003 undocumented workers paid seven billion in taxes and social security (Illegal Immigrants). According to a June 2006 Gallup poll, 67% of U.S adults think that immigrants help the U.S. Undocumented workers spend their income on American goods and services. The U.S is saving from immigrants. Ninety-one percent of illegal Mexican immigrants work in low-paid blue collar or service occupations ( Americans get paid $15 per hour; an illegal Mexican gets paid $8 per hour (a Daily Camera poll).

Survival for America is not possible without illegal Mexicans immigrants. With illegal Mexican immigrants doing all the dirty work and contributing to the economy's growth, they are lending a hand to America and also helping themselves. The next time you eat at a restaurant or come into your clean house, think about who is the person who did the work. When the economy is going well, think who contributes to it. It’s about time Americans recognizes the help they have received from illegal immigrants, and they should be appreciated.

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