Border Wall

April 6, 2011
Walls are good but there not always good building a wall to separate two countries is a waste of time. Walls are a waste of time and money because it doesn’t help the situation. Building a wall dividing Mexico and the United States is wasteful.

The cost of the wall between Mexico United States is too much. The U.S. government has spent $2.4 billion dollars on the wall since 2005. They have spent money on motion sensors, infrared cameras, and unmanned airplanes; each breach cost an average of $1,300 to repair. About 215 miles of fencing costing about $625 million. A wall that would run the entire length of the border would cost as low as $851 million dollars for a 10 foot prison chain link fence topped with razor wire. For another $362 million dollars the fence would be electrified. A 12 foot tall two foot thick concrete painted on both sides would cost $2 billion dollars. “The year the plan was approved, Blas Nuñez-Neto and Stephen Viña prepared a report for congress stating that 700 miles of fencing could cost $9 million per mile, while the cost of maintenance over twenty-five years could reach $70 million per mile.

The wall won’t stop illegal immigrants from crossing over to the United States. Immigrants still find a way to enter for example United States immigration officials have said that as much as 500,000 a year. For example they can dig a hole and go under or climb over the wall. The wall will also not stop immigrants from getting drugs over to the United States. In NACO, Arizona –drug smugglers used catapults to fire contraband over the border between Mexico and Arizona. Mexican authorities disrupted the operation, but the alleged smugglers fled the scene in a Humvee, leaving the catapult behind — along with 45 pounds of marijuana and an SUV. Immigrants will continue to risk their lives to cross to the Unites States. Around Nogales, AZ, desperate immigrants are going to more dangerous areas of the border that eventually claim their lives (Government statistics show a border fence wont stop illegal entry). A lot of dead immigrant bodies are found my officials than ever before. In an effort to bypass the strict border enforcement, these people are also digging tunnels. “According to Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, forty tunnels under the U.S.-Mexican border were discovered between September11, 2001, and March15, 2006”

There shouldn’t be a wall dividing México and the USA. A lot of the cost of the wall between Mexico and United States is too costly. And making a wall won’t stop illegal immigrants from coming to the United States. Building a wall to divide México and United States will not help because the united sates is going to spend a lot of money on the wall. The wall isn’t going to stop illegal immigrants from going over or taking drugs over United States is just going to spend a lot of money for nothing so y build a wall.

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