April 3, 2011
Books- a man's best friend after dogs, books have been written since 500 A.D, it is he oldest form of art, the best way to express your views in a creative way, anyone can write but not everyone can articulate so well, when a person pens down a book, a lot of thinking and hard work goes behind it, so when the Government just wakes up one day and reads a few paragraphs and finds it the to scandolous to let the books circulate, it is only discouraging those intellectuals who have the guts to pen down their thoughts and views on the society and the Government is not strong enough to take the criticism or the sarcastic undertones in which the book brings to light some very meaingful issues. Wrtiter Taslima Nasreen who writes about the society , her books have never found a reader only because all her books are banned for being too dark and true, also recently Mumbai University banned the book "Such A long Journey", a book that shows the grim reality of Mumbai under Shiv Sena rule and shows that political party in a bad light, it was a part of Bachelor Of Arts second year syllabus in Mumbai University, but that political party's leader's grandson who's doin his B.A from St. Xaviers in Mumbai, the oldest and best college in Mumbai, found the book to be only throwing bad light on his party, woke up one day and went to the newly appointed chancellor of the varsity and asked him to ban the book, maybe it was a move for him to get into politics with some publicity but the chancellor being newly appointed (no many poeple thougt he was able enough for that seat) had a chance to show that education is not to be mixed with these low political tactics and that there is a freedom of speech and expression which is highky valued , but within 48 hours gave up cause that political party's kin used strong agression and threatened the chancellor with consequences that would be severe, the chancellor instead of showing his capabilty gave in to his wrong demands and showed how spineless he was, the book was a part of the syllabus since a long time but with the new chancellor, a youth having studied in best institutions in Mumbai, showing such illliterate mannerisms only to gain some publicity for his political stint is now never going to be a part o the syllabus, there was media uproar, with blamimg the chancellor for not having a spine and brains, poeple sending strong worded letters to him, nothing hampered his decision being adamant wth his decision, a book showing real facts lost its voice or readers, though after all this there were manypoeple who ordered for that book, but it was no available in any book stores, also a letter from Toronto Univ was sent to MU, after 5 months of this incident stating that MU was among the best varsities but now its value is declinig and India being a democracy no one has the right to ban any book that educates its poeple about their city, evrey writer has the right to write and reader the right to read.
Also recenly the ban of a book on M.K.Gandhi, where he is exposed of being a bisexual, by showing the letters that he exchanged with a German Kallenbach, shows the Goverment's weekness in taking any criticism or scandal and wanting to remain unaware of the reality.
such incidents should not happen, whenever such events occur an artist looses his right to express his views , which every citizen has the right to do.

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