March 30, 2011
By CommitCrucible GOLD, Dalton, Massachusetts
CommitCrucible GOLD, Dalton, Massachusetts
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It is agreeable that the government does shady things behind our backs, even at this very moment. Our governments believe that the knowledge is not for the people to know about. The people, who vote, pay taxes, and everyday feel great appreciation for living in this great nation of ours, the United States of America. Is it fair to be hidden such things?

But in the horizon is a new age, a beautiful dawn. A dawn of truth and transparency; of light. Who is to be the first to bring upon such a beautiful future as Wikileaks?

Wikileaks; an internet group bent on releasing secret government documents of any government around the world. Julian, the founder of the group, has a belief that such documents should not be hidden from their people. However, how do the people feel about him? They disdain him, hate him, and even have called for his arrest! But why? A myriad amount of reasons.

The government clearly sees him as a threat, as does the media. They don’t like him because they know he has power, they fear him. Julian Assange and all those who have worked and volunteered for Wikileaks, as well as those who have donated money to the group, have done and are doing what countless politicians and journalists have promised to do, yet failed themselves. They have not only gone out of their way, but also out of their safety and normal lives to bring to the world the truth about our government. They have done so to inform us of the horrors of Scientology in the Scientology handbooks, the dreadful acts committed in Guantánamo Bay, as well of actual footage of twelve Iraqi civilians, two Reuters Journalists, being slaughtered by the U.S. army, as well as two children severely injured during the attack. The video I’m talking about is Collateral Murder, released by Private Bradley Manning, who himself is facing years of prison, as well as maximum confinement with 23 hours of being held within a windowless room. And for what? Blowing the whistle? That’s all he did! And it was for good as well!

And what have we done? We have shunned wikileaks. Our own politicians have made an effort to call Assange a “cyber terrorist”. He has endangered no one, and even if he has, not nearly as much as those who he was revealed who have been damaged. Yet we act as if we don’t want the truth. We know we do, but we feel what he is doing is a little to upfront. Perhaps upfront is what we need? If our governments are lying to us about such things, perhaps we really do need upfront.

But on the issue of us; do we not have the right to know? Do we not have the right to judge, perceive and learn? We have eyes and ears for a reason, and with that we have a voice. It is the dawn of an age where we, the people, are the journalists. We the people are the reporters, storytellers, and informers of our age. An age where we the people have the documents, the truth, and we are damn well not afraid to shout it out. We shall not fear the documents, the governments. The governments shall fear us. Whilst they rule over us, and have every right to do so, they shall also remember that we can, and we shall, watch them with a watchful and helpful eye. We work with the higher power, it is time for the higher power to work alongside us as well. The government, the press, the people, they are all one. We are all one, so let’s not keep secrets, alright?

The author's comments:
I am a very strong supporter of WikiLeaks as well as Julian Assange.

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