Doing it Right by Eating Right

March 24, 2011
By isahermit BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
isahermit BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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Looking for a cause that is worthy of the effort I have put in was difficult in all honesty. I will never change because of the great thing it has brought me. Being a vegetarian is and will always be my most proud choice knowing how much of a difference I have made throughout the country and the world personally, never mind all the ones who have made the same choice I have. Yearly I have saved and preserved so many vital resources that others in the world need much more than I do. I have learned things during the past year that would have made stop eating meat. Many people are unaware of the conditions of the animals they eat. The abuse and living conditions of a lot of factory farms are disgusting. They are this way because the people who are supposed to be caring for these animals treat them as objects and nothing else. The amount of chemicals being pumped into animals now is repulsive. If half the people who knew what was in what they eat I doubt they would purchase these things. The companies get by these filters in peoples minds with flashy graphics and cheaper prices. I avoid these health risks and do so with a sense of pride. I do enjoy the fact that I can say I am veggie and have the facts to back it up when questioned. Some people catch onto the fad of it as I did. All of them have now gone back to eating meat and it makes me a bit upset that they couldn’t keep going for the cause. They said it is to difficult for them to keep up and I enjoy knowing I can stick it out so easily. I know what I am doing is also better for the planet from a global perspective and is conserving water and other resources and using less of the ones I would be using if I ate meat. Farmed animals use more than half the total water in the US every year. I plan on staying a vegetarian for as long as I can and also doing all I can to help animals around the country who cannot speak up for themselves.

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i am very about this

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