To save money for the people we should take away their jobs

March 24, 2011
By Joseph Sacchetti BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
Joseph Sacchetti BRONZE, Coventry, Rhode Island
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As a country we are still trying to make our way out of desperation. A new idea to save money is to cut thousands of teachers’ jobs. This is a horrible idea. Not only is the government putting even more people out of work. Not to mention the students. How can we expect to further ourselves if we are no longer teaching the kids? The arguments are that teachers get a huge salary or it’s a part time job. However, not only are teachers salaries not that big but they aren’t leaving the school with the students. Not to mention that these are still people who do their jobs and well and are getting fired for no real reason.

In order to get a job almost anywhere what is the minimum requirement? A high school diploma. We need well educated people in our government to run things right, we need engineers who know what they are doing. If we lose our teachers then how will we learn? Not every parent is certified to home school nor do many want to be. By getting rid of the teachers all we are doing for money is buying time which will lead to a worse depression when no one has the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for any jobs. We need kids to learn and teachers so that they can learn. Any parent can throw a book in their kids face but teaching is much more then that we need people who are professionally trained to teach so kids can be excited and actually want to learn.

People are trying to say that teachers make not a lot of money for not a lot of work. 100% of these people are not teachers. Do they get summers off? Yes. However they are not getting paid for doing nothing. First off half the money that the teachers get actually goes right back into the job to pay for equipment that the school cannot provide. Also it’s the AVERAGE salary that is large. For teachers the longer one works at a school the higher the pay. So the average salary can vary as two or three teachers may retire at once and then the newer teacher’s salary will become the more dominative percent.

Lets not forget that this whole idea is defeats the purpose. We are firing people instead of raising taxes. How are people suppose to pay even smaller taxes without a job to get money from? Instead we should be trying to make cut backs for people that have stacks of money. The idea that anyone can be homeless, starving for food while Donald Trump has thousands of hotels and more money than anyone could spend is unfathomable. I’m not saying that anyone who is wealthy should give until they are again only middle class. However, people who are in middle class shouldn’t get the cutbacks while the rich are only getting more money that the government needs. If the cost for education is too much what we first need to do is get the teachers who are in the union and where “fired” to actually stop being paid. In New York there is a building for teachers who are banned from teaching at schools because of their behavior or actions. These teachers are part of the union and cannot be fired so they got to that building during the school hours, during that they watch TV talk to each other and other average actives and get paid their usual wage. I understand that these people are in the union and that means that they are protected but if saving money is so important that we are taking away jobs from hard working people maybe we should start changing some of our rules so that people who don’t earn or deserve money don’t get it.

These are people losing their jobs! Not only is this not the best way to cut back but it’s also taking jobs away from people with families. If taxes need to be raised I think more people would rather pay more for their taxes then lose their jobs.

There are better ways to save money then what we are doing. We need cut back on supplies before people. Others have more money than most teachers anyway so why are they not being affected more? If anything this is a bandage solution and the problem will only become worse as time goes on. The funny thing is the arguments for teachers to be fired are false. There are plenty of other places that we can make cuts or add taxes to but getting rid of jobs that will help the youth of America get jobs is the wrong way to go.

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