Gun Control

February 3, 2011
Gun control is a national debate it’s been very argued lately because of the Arizona shooting. I think it’s a very bad idea it doesn’t improve anything. One of the reasons is that there will always be a way to get a gun. Just like drugs, there illegal and yet people still get hold of them. It’s not a good idea at all.

The biggest argument for this cause is that it violates our 2nd amendment. That is wrong. The constitution states that we the people have the right to bear arms at the end it states that shall not be infringed meaning that you can’t take away this right. Some might argue that this was written to protect against a tyrannical government well by removing this it suppresses the people creating a tyranny. If our founding fathers believed it to be necessary that it must be.
Also with gun control violence rates go up. Take New Jersey or California for example. They have the strictest gun laws in the U.S. There violence rates have gone through the roof. Some may also argue well another shooting won’t occur actually no it would still happen but worse people wouldn’t expect a gun because no one has one so it would be more devastating. You can stop the crimes from happening with a concealed gun.
Hunting is a big source of food for people who live in rural areas. Especially since there aren’t a lot of stores and if there are they aren’t good so you starve. It’s not good. Imagine having to drive to an armory that might not exist to check out a gun so you can eat every time you’re hungry. It would be very exhausting and hard on people. Also skeet shooting, A shotgun sport that’s in the Olympics it would die out in America. Those kinds of sports are rare.
Gun control limits many groups of citizens not just one it a very bad idea. It shouldn’t be considered don’t let it happen. it doesn’t help anyone down with gun control

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PrincessGrace said...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 10:27 am
I totally agree with everything you say here. If every eligible citizen had a gun and knew how to use it properly, we would be safer all around. Maybe even terrorists wouldn't try to attack us, because they knew we could defend ourselves. In WWII, Hitler did not attack Germany because he knew that a vast majority of the Swiss people were armed and he didn't want to provoke them.
Treefiddy said...
Mar. 10, 2011 at 10:26 pm
I remember reading that Great Britains burglarly rates have skyrocketed because the British government has effectively made burglary a safe occupation. There have been cases where the homeowner has held up a burglar in their bathroom with a fake gun, and they were arrested as well. Gun control would not have pretended Laughner from murdering all of those people, including the attempt on Gifford's life. The lawless do not abide by the law, and that it the point.
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