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February 27, 2011
By SarahJasper BRONZE, Milford, Kansas
SarahJasper BRONZE, Milford, Kansas
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It seems that some of the biggest debates in The United States today are the debate of Gay Marriage but my question is why? To me at least, There seems to be a easy answer.

In my opinion, The fact that The United States does not allow gay marriage shows that although we claim to be free, we're not. Our national documents say that we are allowed to do anything that allows Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness as long as no body's taken in the process. So why are being so homophobic? Homosexual Americans are still Americans. Its not fair that people are being treated so wrongly for being for they are and it's time for a change. My best friend is gay, and the fact that if he ever does find the one, He can't marry him just really doesn't seem fair.

What I've noticed that for most people have used for a excuse for the Gay Marriage debate is Religion, mainly the Bible. Well, I have a news flash for people: Not all Americans are Christians. Its what I believe makes America so great, the fact that (supposedly) We are respected for what we believe. Yet, When People ask to respect their life and love choices, Its as if that doesn't exist. I believe that it really wouldn't hurt anybody else if two men or two women were to get married. It wouldn't affect anyone but the two people getting married, so why is there so much drama about this?

In conclusion, Everyone just needs to chill out. Nothing horrible is going to happen if we allow gay marriage to happen. I don't believe that if God truly did not want homosexuals to be happy then they wouldn't exist

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