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January 24, 2011
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January 19, 2011

Dear President Barack Obama,

We need to stop the genocide in Darfur. There are little children getting hurt, dying or being killed in Darfur. The Janjaweed, and Soldiers are raping women and girls. Men and boys are either being killed, or used as slaves, or becoming soldiers.

The Sudanese Government is bombing Schools, Hospitals, and Villages. President Omar Al – Bashir, isn’t stopping any of it, he is all for it. The chine’s people are trading weapons for oil. People’s huts are now made out of stuff they find, so they look like garbage piles.

Then when they think they are safe, the Government tells them they have to leave. So many people in Darfur are starving. Millions and Millions of people are being killed, for no reason, it’s becoming another Holocaust.

Next, the Janjaweed come and raid stores, take what they want, them burn the rest down, so when the people come back they have nothing, not even homes. Some may argue that why are we helping these people we don’t even live there. I on the other hand say they need help, if we helped the people in Haiti we can help them, because they need doctors to help the children, sick, and elderly. I was a witness I saw the videos, if you see them to, you will know why we need to help them.

It’s like what Martin Luther King JR. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent, about things that Matter.” We all need to speak out and help All of The People In Darfur.

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