Dear Mr. President

January 20, 2011
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Dear Mr. President


I am a student attending Andrew G. Curtin middle school, and in my language arts class I have just finished a reading on Darfur Sudan. I, and my fellow classmates are writing for a change. The article that I read talked about hurting, raping, killing, and displacing. (Four of the world’s most vile words.) There was a voting for succession, which as of right now is undetermined. What will be the difference? So what if they try to succeed from each other? It’s not like the citizens of Sudan can lift up their side of the region and walk away with it. That might just infuriate some of the Sudanese government, concluding to more deaths. This is a reason why the United States of America should help.

It is a fact that the Chinese government does not help the citizens in Darfur in order to continue to receive oil from the Sudanese government. Driven by greed, they are unaware of what is happening of the outcome. As of right now, mistakes are being engulfed in immense proportions and rights are sat on the side not even looked at. We need to look at them now. The United States of America is anything but greedy. So why do we now act like it?

Hate is one thing that Darfur has a lot of. We have compassion. We helped defeat Hitler and stopped his mass destruction so peace could come back. There is no peace in Darfur. Why not bring peace back to this growing region? Our support will help this messy war come to a complete halt, and die down low, as a fire does when not fed wood.

Some may argue that we should not get involved because of our other requirements for helping other regions. The war in Pakistan and Afghanistan are perfect examples. But it is not like all of our soldiers are accounted for serving in the Pakistani and Afghanistan war. If they are so fine they are. During World War 11, we fought with England, Russia, Spain, Portugal, and Canada. Why don’t we join forces again? We might not be able to do everything alone, but we can do it together.

I desperately hope this war comes to an end, and so should every single American citizen. We can help it end. We can speak up and help. We are one of the strongest nations today. We have the power, and we can use it to their favor.

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