Health Care Reform

February 23, 2011
The Health Care Reformation is a very controversial issue now a days, I believe that it should be passed. The Health Care Reform has more pros than cons. It will help everyone, and it will also be fair to all citizens. No one will get the special treatment, because everyone will be all be equal under this law. This law was passed March 23rd, 2010.

This topic is so controversial because it has been a law that has been on the Democratic checklist for years. It was president Obama's biggest accomplishment since he has been in office. The thing that makes this even more controversial is that no Republican voted in its favor in its last stages of it getting approved. As we all know in the November 2010 the Republicans gained more representatives in the house, and they planned to repeal the law. Their plan failed, they were not able to repeal it because they did not have enough votes.

This law has many things that are good for the nation as a whole. The reform will help many people acquire health care. More people will be able to have Medicaid and it will not deny people that have a condition before they apply for insurance. Which in turn will help a multitude of people in the nation. So many people have conditions that are expensive to treat, such as cancer, or any other sort of expensive diagnosis. When people have a condition that is costly it is very hard for them to get help because it is so expensive, and if they do acquire it they pay very high prices. Some insurance companies even go as far as to drop a customer when they become diagnosed with an expensive condition. I believe that everyone would like a reliable insurance that won't do that.

This law does not rule out private insurances, it regulates them. In the sense of them having fairer prices. It will also give citizens the option of having public health insurance.

This law will also punish businesses that do not have insurance, and tax a bit higher. Although many people are skeptical about this because it is such a new concept to the nation, it is a good thing. For you that are skeptical, think to yourself, why would so many congress men and the president support this if they didn't think it was best for the nation? As I have said before this has been something that has needed to be done for such a long time.

Our neighboring country, Canada, has Universal health care system. In Canada the health care is doing well. They have had this since 1986, and they do not have as much debt as the United States. In Canada, things work smoothly. In Canada Seniors have better care, because all of their medical expenses are covered. Pregnancy medical expenses are covered as well. Canadians live 3 years more than Americans do on average. Canada’s infant mortality rating is far less than the United States. The citizens in Canada are treated well, therefore they are healthier than us.

The United States of America is the only industrialized country that does not have Universal health care. In America eighteen thousand people die every year because they lack health insurance. Does that seem okay to you? For someone to die just because they lack the funds to pay for their care? About 9 million kids are uninsured. According to a recent estimate by the Urban Institute, the lack of health insurance leads to 27,000 preventable deaths in America each year. A pregnant woman in Ohio recently died because she did not get the care that she needed in time. Can you imagine that? A innocent woman and a tiny infant, dead, because they were denied the attention they required. I ask you, is this fair, is this right, is this just?

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