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November 15, 2010
By Sophia17 SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Sophia17 SILVER, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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“Pow…Ha, ha.ha!” Why was there only one? Why were there only one out of one hundred teenagers that thought the catfight was stupid between two teens? Could society, the household ad their personal thoughts be the things that effect these teenagers’ actions?
In Palmetto, Florida a fight began that would soon become a problem for people to finally realize how teens are truly treating each other in this country. April Newcomb was the mother that drove, watched, and cheered on her daughter! This mother was caught on several videos screaming, “Don’t f***ing stop!”, according to the Daily Mail. Although the mother of the other teen standing by and watching the fight, while she started up a conversation with April! Soon enough on September 23, 2010 April Newcomb was arrested and charged with child abuse. I think she should be held accountable for child abuse.
People didn’t stop or help the fight because of deterioration of our society. The way people treat or act towards each other today in school could influence other people in school to act violently. Also, society may not have disciplined kids enough, for fighting in their community. The people you hang out with could influence you, or other kids to behave in different ways.

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Next, the household you grew up in, could really affect the kids in the household. The way they act, think, or treat each other, could all begin with the way their parents raised them. Maybe the teens that thought this fight was stupid may have a family that has taught him to treat other people with respect. As for the other ninety nine other teenagers who all thought this was hilarious; their families might have taught their kids to fight physically for what they believe in; but in a violent way. Or the kids that have encouraged the fight may have thought it’s okay to fight because they didn’t have any positive influence in their lives. No one to help the teenagers, them having to fend for themselves.
On the other hand the way someone personally thinks is a big part in why they may have chosen to cheer on the fight instead of stopping it. The teen who was thinking straight, might have thought fighting was stupid and a wrong way to solve things. Unlike, the other teenagers who thought this fight was funny or amusing that these two girls are fighting over a guy; that guy better have been a hot one! Also other people might think the need to physically for what you want, need, or think is right.
These kids thought this whole fight was funny! Did they ever think what if someone got seriously hurt or even worse killed? Ha, what a knee-slapper (not)! That’s like what these teenagers and mothers are encouraging by supporting this fight. On the other hand what if they were the people in the fight? Would they think that’s funny or interesting or would they wonder why isn’t someone helping stop this…I think not!

Above all these mothers are the definitions of momzilla! Like seriously, how could a mother just sit by and watch her child get beat up? Instead they should have stopped it or called the police. But……no! They didn’t, they had to cheer them on or sit by and talk to each other side by side chatting; imagine that conversation. “Wow I am really amazed how hard your daughter can punch!” Do these two mothers just care about their children’s pride….or just their own?

As a result this country could really help change things. We should pass laws that state, that people that are in and supporting the fight should get punished; especially in Palmetto, Florida! Where the fights between teens happen, “Wa- hoooo!”

This town is known for Manatees that are kind, loving, creatures? Well not now one week after the catfight with April Newcomb, the town is known for a mother beating another mother and daughter with a pipe, hard enough for for both of them to end up in the hospital. Isn’t that just horrible? How ironic is that? These kids easily could have easily stopped the fight. Why didn’t they though? That’s what I’m still wondering …..”Hmmm”? Maybe this town should take a swim with these manatees, because in 2000, two teens fought on as a one was beaten to death, honestly beaten to death! There were teens watching also.

Is there a lesson to learn from them? Yes! Hopefully the teenagers will realize like the most of us, to rise above the mistakes of our parents. So what, if the mother egged on these teenagers. The court system will take care of her. What about us? When we know someone does not have a positive influence in their lives, we should help them! As teenagers we should never encourage violence! If we ever come across a fight it’s our human right to help those people in the fight and stop it!

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