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January 17, 2011
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I believe that a higher personal income tax is necessary for the future economy in the United States and the State of Washington. A higher income tax would allow: the state and country government to have a lot more cash so the government can get us out of all the debt we’re hearing about, more money would allow for better public education systems, and would allow the government to finance green energy projects.
A higher personal income tax would allow our governments to get out of all the debt that we’re in. Washington State recently posted 3 billion dollars in debt and recently voters in Washington State did not pass a new income tax that wouldn’t even affect 99% of voters. The philosophy that the people who make more than 500,000 dollars a year will spend less with an income tax on them in my opinion is outrageous. The math just doesn’t make sense. A 5% income tax would hardly affect people who make 500,000 dollars. The people who would actually have to pay considerable amounts money would probably not even notice the difference when they do the taxes.

Better public education systems could be achieved by the raise in income taxes throughout the United States and Washington. The income tax would allow the government to fund the schools better without breaking the bank. For example, the Seattle public school district, the implementation of a new tax would benefit the school district greatly. This funding would allow the school district to increase the quality of education by having higher quality materials, smaller class sizes and more engaging curriculums. With an income tax school districts could afford to pay their teachers more. This would make teaching a more desirable profession thus making it more competitive and in the end hiring better teachers with more specialization.

Higher income taxes would allow the government to finance green energy projects. Green energy projects could potentially revolutionize our fight against global warming. The green energy market is also a popularity contest. Right now the US is lagging behind Europe and Asia in producing green energy. To fuel our competitive spirits we have to compete. We can’t compete without money. To get extra money we have to tax. An income tax would be a great way to get some of that extra money.

In conclusion a personal income tax would allow us to get out of debt, improve our public school systems, and would allow the government to finance more green energy projects. We need to act now because if the US are to regain the undisputed best country in the world, the US has to expand its budget and spend the extra money wisely (no expensive conflicts in the middle east).

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