January 27, 2011
By Anonymous

If I were in debt, so much debt that I had to file for bankruptcy I would be forced to just that, file for bankruptcy. I would have no other choice. I would lose all of my money, my car, my house, and maybe even my job. And because I would be homeless, careless, and jobless, I’d probably also be looking like a haggard. What a horrible thing to happen to someone. Yet, it happens every day. Our consumer debt has been keeping the same pattern for a very long time and you guessed it, up. However, not only consumer debt, but also small business debt, corporation debt, and even government debt. And now to add to our government’s debt, The Supreme Court decided to bail out all of these banks and it’s been over two years now since the bailout and most banks haven’t paid a cent back. Now that just does not make any sense. Now why has not one person has ever been bailed out by the government? The government thinks that banks are more important; (which is true in a sense because if there weren't banks, people would have all of their cash at their house which would not be good); because everyone has their money at the bank and everyone would lose their money if the government didn't bail the banks out. Well, if there are so many customers, then does the bank want to be bailed out? Debt… Big debt, humongous debt, monstrous debt; debt because of bonuses; bonuses because of greed. Jesus said that money is the root of all evils. It seems to be true. Because of all this debt and greed, people are becoming homeless by the day. I really think that there is definitely something seriously wrong about that.

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