January 24, 2011
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January 24,2011
Dear President Barack Obama,

Do you know about the Genocide in Darfur? I do, that’s why I am writing you this letter so you can help end it. The people of Darfur have no shelter, are poor, and are dying. Here are some reasons why you should help end the genocide in Darfur.

The people of Darfur have no shelter. They’re homeless, what if it rains, what will protect them from getting wet? They have nowhere to sleep, not only that they don’t have comfort. In Darfur there are four million people displaced which means they do not have homes. The government burnt their homes.

It is a fact that some people are poor. That means no money for their children, how can they eat and survive? Also they don’t have enough clothing. According to the video, they don’t have anything.

Not only the people are dying for no reason, they are getting raped, shot; they have diseases, and burnt alive. The government is even doing this to the children and the babies. The soldiers are using the people of Darfur as slaves.

Some may argue we should not help them because we have enough problems here. Here is its weakness. If we don’t help them we will have more problems later. We may be asked to help them if a war breaks out.

It is clear, President Obama, put yourself in their place what their going threw. Their children growing up to see people get hurt. You don’t know when you will die. Please help stop the Genocide in Darfur.

Thank you,


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